I participated in the important contest organized by  Il Battello a Vapore, he was looking for an illustrator who worked on the story of Pinocchio. The notice calling for a full color cover and three illustrations in black and white. Those above are my proposals. Unfortunately I have not been selected, however, it was a great pleasure to take back a story of this magnitude. I read it in a few hours and in one breath; and it is in this way that maybe I appreciated it even more. And ‘an intimate story (that of Pinocchio) and wide, for the amount of characters and situations that lives. A story that speaks of growth, the maturation of a child through contexts of poverty or misery and his approach to the characters who live there. There are characters with which has to do for a very short, and others that have a more or less constant presence in the book. I can’t not think of the extras of this story, which although not for long, are described in a simple but incisive. I can think of “… the big snake, lying across the road, which had green skin, eyes of fire and pinned the tail that smoked like a chimney hood …”. Or that fisherman who wanted to fry Pinocchio and then eat him: “… the fisherman so bad that looked like a sea monster. Instead of hair his head in thick bush of green grass, it was the skin of his body, green eyes, green, his long beard, which came down here on earth … “enigmatic, or perhaps actually as simple as we are presented … After all they are seen by the eyes of a child.

Published by Antony Risi

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