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Start a business and make a living doing what we like or we pretend we do. Enter fully into this market is very difficult, but that’s okay. If I had started already paved a path I would not have learned what I’m learning now. The difficulty is a huge treasure. It leads us to invent, invent, adapt, create novelty. Something which in technical terms will render “palatable” on the market. The thing that I have and I’m learning, and that is really important for me is that there are not just two or three ways to get to a place; there are many, depending on your creativity and sensibility. I and many like me that make the market “saturated” ( to use an another technical term) i’m building my path day by day, although sometimes, in the frenzy of my days, I stop. I look around: the desks where i work, filled with books, computer pens pencils etc … I look up, on the cabinet, my exercise books with prints of my work and the bags with the material that I use to set up spaces to events. Here, just then, sometimes, I stop and say: “things.”

Published by Antony Risi

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