Are you game?

Are you game?

Think think think,

then think some more.

Think till you sink,

and it seems a chore.


A philosopher's life is melancholic,

his passion makes him rich.

A poet's life is symphonic,

but thinking is a bitch.


It's a sword that cuts you,

ten times over,

till you pray to thou,

and wish it over.


Sometimes conniving,

sometimes relentless,

sometimes inspiring,

sometimes senseless.

At times engulfing,

making you lost.

Sometimes mind-fucking,

like a parasitic host.


A thought is the crux of thinking,

it multiplies when seen, heard, shared or remembered.

Have too many and you are sinking,

unless you have time to be heard.


Therefore to keep my troubles at bay,

I say.

"Readers, readers everywhere,

lend me your minds.

I'm not one to trap or ensnare,

I'm pretty respectful and don't care much for behinds.


So herewith the game is introduced.

If you've correctly deduced,

It's your time to be confused.


The rules,

that turn the tables.

You're now playing "The Game".

You will always be playing "The Game".

To win "The Game",

you've to forget that you're playing "The Game".

Every-time you think about "The Game",

you lose "The Game".


You remember - you lose.

You ponder - you lose.

You wonder - you lose.

You surrender - you lose.


When you lose "The Game",

you say - "I've just lost The Game".

Then, you get 30 minutes to forget,

that you're playing "The Game".

Have fun playing "The Game"!


"I just lost - The Game"

© Imontep – all rights reserved 

Published by Anupam Dwivedi

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