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I am an aspiring lawyer who loves to write, hailing from the little ol country of Ireland. I always loved writing, but never thought about doing it publicly until recently. I was always afraid of what people would say or think, but now that I'm older I've accepted that your never going to please/appeal to everyone and thats ok! If my writing can help someone through a difficult time, show them they are not alone or resonate with people on any level then I am succeeding. My blog can be found at 💖

I created this little personal place on the internet to share my love for all things fashion and beauty related, but also to discuss things which aren't such familiar topics of conversation like mental health, constant comparison conundrums and the every day struggles of trying to be a bomb ass female. ​Expect lots of posts about pizza, Prosecco and anything pink to heartfelt personal life experiences and advice which I hope you will enjoy reading. My inbox is always open so if anyone has any suggestions on what my next blog post should be about, any feedback on my previous posts or if you just need someone to listen, feel free to email me, always.                           💖( 💖


A job may fill your pockets, but travelling fills your soul 🌍

✨Wanderlust. ✨ I love anything pink or cat related. ✨Pizza is life. ✨ Being independent is key.  ✨ I take an obscene amount of pictures. Deal with it. ✨ Still figuring this whole "adulting" thing out. ✨ If I could choose for one thing to exist that currently doesn't it would definitely be unicorns. 



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