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I’ve always been a dedicated dog person. Cats always freaked me out because every encounter I had with them involved them pouncing on me, digging their nails into me and hissing at me. I always presumed that cats, (the general world population of them) and I had this understanding that we don’t like each other and could never be friends. There was also this incident on Christmas morning when I was about fourteen when a black cat was hiding in the shed and then jumped out at me, resulting in me running, screaming up the garden, with my entire family watching from the kitchen window in stitches. All in all cats and I just never hit it off; until my housemate’s cat moved in.

When the option for him to move in came about I was sceptical. I have always had dogs as pets and didn’t know if I could trust the flakiness of cats. Dogs show you all the love, all the time. Cats, they make you work for that shit. I think I was always just a bit scared of cats. When you live in town, the cats you come across would claw you to pieces. I had visions of this cat clawing my face in the middle of the night, or just hissing at me with hatred.  But I agreed, because despite my own feelings, everyone else assured me that I would love him and after all, they were just like mini lions and who doesn’t love the lion King!

The night he moved in was in all honesty a bit stressful. He had gone missing and ended up staying with a bunch of girls not too far from the house. (Another reason I never took to cats, they make you love them then wonder off to someone else. The sluts) long story short, my friend, our other housemate and myself ended up in a taxi at one in the morning, driving around Galway in order to rescue this cat, a cat that I still wasn’t sure I could live with.

After the exchange took place with the lovely girls who were taking care of him (by exchange I mean the cat in exchange for a large portion of our chocolate stash in a plastic bag, which looked admittedly dodgey) my friend brought the cat we bundle back into the taxi and headed for home, and Kitten hoped straight onto my lap and snuggled up. 

My icy anti-cat heart melted.

The next morning as he sat cat-loafing on the garden wall, surveying his kingdom, ‘Everything the light touches’, I wondered what the fuck I had been thinking, cats are awesome! They roam around, they clean up after themselves and they do ridiculously funny things for your entertainment. They are also inspiringly independent. Now that he is all settled he’s a regular in my room, and despite some miner setbacks in our relationship (the other morning I hit him with the bathroom door, I apologised, but he was still pissed for a while) he pops in for a nose around my stuff and a bit of a cuddle. I am officially unashamedly converted to a cat lover and have discovered that you don’t have to choose between cats or dogs, all God’s furry creatures should be loved equally. 

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