Guard you heart

Guard you heart

Sep 6, 2016, 5:20:17 PM Opinion

It is in your power and only in our capacity to decide how permeable the walls of your heart are. It is in your power, only you have the authority to let anyone or anything in.

I have had experiences where I realised that I have ended up feeling so ugly or just so useless and it takes me about a day of quiet time to remind myself of what emotional intelligence means and how I need to exercise it. For me, I have found it very important to be able to manage your emotions, and that starts with being aware of what you allow to affect you.

A war only has an impact on those that are directly affected by it. This could be because the war is happening in an area they currently reside in or because they have to physically fight in the war, but whatever the input, they are directly affected by it.
In the same way whatever circumstance life unfolds before you, we have the choice of whether that affects us or not.

It is up to us what we allow to penetrate the walls of our hearts. I have made a personal decision to let only matters of life and death get as deep as in my heart. Everything else can just take several seats.

Life's too short for my heart to be affected by every single little thing that happens. The time to do so I refuse to make! Too much admin 😣

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