It's detox time ⏱

It's detox time ⏱

Truth is I haven't been too kind to my body for the longest of times and I am paying for it now! Waking up in the morning has become such a hefty task, never mind that feeling bloated has now been set as my norm 👎🏾

A lot of people do not know this, but I actually am a health and fitness freak *whispers* deeeeeeep down in my heart, lol. On a serious note though, I have reached a point where I have realised that my health is way more important to me than all the deliciousness junk has to offer. Don't get me wrong, I am still going to enjoy my food yet I will now be doing so at a moderate level of enjoyment 😋

So a few years back I tested my blood in order for me to commit to the blood type diet, which I have found to be more of a lifestyle mandate than a 'loose weight fast' scheme. I love it! Through this diet I was able to find out what foods are good for me and which ones are harmful. I followed and will continue to follow Dr Lam's blood type diet, and he has designed one for every blood type. In case you're wondering I'm type AB, which is a perfect blend of my mom's type A  and my father's type B genes - don't I feel special?!

Alright so this is a detox 'programme' I have designed for myself using guidance from the blood type diets, also it is important to check with your doctor before participating in any kind of detox/fast/diet. I kept it as simple as possible, remembering that the aim of this is to get decrease the amount of toxins which I have been generously feeding my body. 

Astalavista  toxins ✌🏾



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