A Guide To Exploring The Streets Of Cape Town

A Guide To Exploring The Streets Of Cape Town

Jul 22, 2016, 3:46:28 PM Entertainment

Travelling and visiting places is one of my favourite things to do it is so exciting learning about new places and new cultures. Being from South Africa I have to say that our country is a place filled with diversity and every city you visit is always different from the next. I'm originally from Durban, a gorgeous and amazing city in South Africa popularly known for its blue and warm beaches. However, I recently visited another popular city in South Africa called Cape Town and I cannot deny that Cape Town is a place in South Africa that has definitely won my heart. The city is surrounded by the glorious view of Table Mountain and Lion's Head Mountain that you can never get tired of looking at.

For anyone looking to plan a trip, I would highly recommend Cape Town as a destination and here are some fun activities that you can do and tourist attractions you can see while exploring Cape Town. I guarantee that you slowly, but surely fall in love with the mesmerising city. Hopefully it will even urge you to visit many other cities in South Africa, with the country having so much to offer to its visitors.

Drive to Lion's Head: The Western Cape is a province in South Africa that is surrounded by beautiful mountains, but the most famous mountains are Table Mountain and Lion's Head. I would recommend a hiking adventure to the top of Lion's Head or cable car up to Table Mountain where from a bird's eye view you can look at a breathtaking overview of Cape Town. However, if you're not a fan of hiking you can always drive up to Lion's Head with some friends or family and pack a picnic basket that you can enjoy while admiring the view of Cape Town.

Wine Tasting Routes: It just wouldn't be right for anyone to be in Cape Town and not going wine tasting. There are so places where you can go and explore the wide range of sweet, and crispy wines, areas such as Stellenbosch, Paarl and Durbanville are popular for providing worthwhile wine tasting experiences. My personal favourite that I recently visited is Laborie Wine Farms in Paarl, with a wonderful view and a very pleasant restaurant with delicious dishes, just before you start indulging your taste buds with different flavours of du vin. 

Explore The V&A Waterfront: If you are looking for a shopping mall, where you can do more than just shop, well The Waterfront is the perfect place. It is all about shopping inside the mall, but as soon as you step outside of the shopping mall it becomes a lively party scene filled with live band performances, a walkway exhibiting amazing artwork and fine places to wine and dine.

Robben Island: When travelling it always good to education yourself and learn more about the place you're visiting and Robben Island is the perfect to place to learn about the history and struggles of South African freedom fighters. The Island is a must-visit place for everyone whether you're a tourist or a person who resides in South Africa it gives you more insight about South Africa's history.  Robben Island has become a pivot symbol of South Africa's past of cruel oppression, but also of triumphant victory and hope.

Explore The Famous Streets of Cape Town: Getting around Cape Town is fun and easy. You can roam the streets and discover so many cute shops and cafes. Popular streets such as Long Street and Kloof Street are famous for their many ethnic restaurants and laid-back, yet very cosmopolitan bars and pubs that you're sure to love.

These are just a few basic guides for exploring Cape Town. There are, however, just so many more things to do while you're in Cape Town, you can never be bored in this exciting and vibrant city. Heads up, the best time to be around Cape Town is during the summery days from December to February, because the rest of the year is basically just not weather friendly.

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