At the banks of the Red Sea

At the banks of the Red Sea

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” Prov 3:5


My wife and I have been trying to sell our house for some time now. We moved out of it back in June/July and now we are living in a small but beautiful apartment. We need to sell it to pay of debt, but during the pre sale inspection it was discovered a lot of construction errors. The contractor who built it back in 2006 had deliberately cut corners to save money without telling us. So now it is infested with mold and rot which explains why we have been feeling sick all the time we lived there, and why we are now feeling like we have our health restored.

We had an offer for the house last week, but it was far below our asking price. So our real estate agent advised us not to accept it. Today we will have a second viewing on the house. Our real estate agent has said he believes we can achieve the asking price, and perhaps above it. And we need it to be above the asking price if the sale is going to pay of all our debts.

A few weeks ago a co worker prophesied to us it would be a blessed sale of the house. He also prophesied we would have a financial miracle, something we need to pay of all our debt and achieve our goal of being able to go into full time ministry.

So right now we have everything in the natural telling us it is almost impossible to sell this house. It is a damaged house that has made us physically sick while living in it. If you mention the name of the contractor to people where we live they know who you are talking about. He lost his contractor license in 2015 and has been a familiar face in local media. So we know it is not easy to sell this house.

At the same time we have a promise from the Lord, the promise is telling us this will be a blessed sale and we will be financially blessed. We so need a blessed sale and we so need to be financially blessed right now. Our hope and our prayer is to become debt free so we can leave our full time jobs and work with Cross of Jesus Christ ministries full time, and finally being able to use my real name.

So right now we have a choice, do we trust what we can see, know, feel and hear in the natural? Or do we trust what the Lord has said?

Life is like this sometimes. For some of you it might be a health issue. In the natural the doctor has given you just a few weeks to live because of cancer. But you know the Bible says the Lord is your healer. Who do you trust? And how do you trust the Lord when what the Lord says goes against all common sense? People do not just get healed do they? And damaged houses that makes people sick cant be sold, can they?

We serve a God of the impossible, a Lord who is Lord over all creation. Creation bows to His word and His command and He is free to do what He wants with His creation. When Moses stood on the shores of the Red Sea he had a choice. In the natural a body of water like the Red Sea can not part, its impossible and it defies the laws of nature. Peter had been a fisherman all his life, he knew that something heavier then water sinks in water. So he knew it is impossible for humans to walk on water. Moses chose to trust the Lord and the Red Sea parted. Peter chose to trust the Lord and he walked on water.

Could it be the Lord is calling us to trust Him to do the impossible in our lives? Could it be the Lord is calling me to trust Him to sell our house, to give us the money we need to become debt free and have our financial miracle that will make it possible for us to go into full time work with this ministry? Could it be the Lord is calling you to trust Him to heal you, despite what the doctors has said?

And how do we do this?

Rom 8:32 gives us the key. Everything we need for our lives, every miracle that defies the laws of nature, comes to us when we choose to trust in what Jesus did for us at the cross. Our trust in what Jesus did for us at the cross makes us righteous, and those who are righteous will be healed, delivered, prospered just because of their faith. ( Deut 28:1-13).

So the miracle I need, the miracle you need comes to us when we choose to trust that Jesus died for our sins.

I know, its easy to trust Him dying for us when its calm in our lives. But its not that easy when your bank account is empty and the symptoms in your body tells confirms what the doctor said. This is when we have to fight, this is when we have to choose to trust despite our feelings.


This is the good fight of faith (1.Tim 6:12) that we choose to trust, despite our emotions. We choose to fight fear, worry, anxiety, lack of money and physical pain with the words “I trust that Jesus Christ died for me”. And the Bible promises us that if we stand our ground, if we do not give in and we keep fighting trusting Jesus died for us, we will win.

If we choose to trust not in our own understanding, but we choose to trust in what Jesus did for us, the Bible promises us the Lord will guide us and meet our every need. (Prov 3:6)

Choose today to fight the good fight of faith and lean not to your own understanding. Choose to fight physical pain, emotional anguish and disease, lack, poverty and everything that troubles you with trust in Jesus dying for your sins. 

Published by Apostle Ernie

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