Did you know its?

Did you know its?

What are you coveting? 

I guess your first answer is nothing, as a christian you know you should not covet. But did you know that the bible says if you want something, you are in fact coveting? (Hebr 13:5)


This is what makes it difficult for a lot of us, because as human beings we have needs. We need healing, we need money, we need peace, we need guidance, we need a new car, a bigger house and a better paying job. So what do we do? We pray about it, we think about it, we want it, we desire it and we covet it. And as long as we are coveting it, we are not getting it because the Lord cant bless and answer something He has said is a sin.  And it is a sin to covet something. 


I know, there is a small little voice inside of you asking you how you can trust the Lord to meet those needs. How can you trust Him to know and to meet your need for healing, provision, a new house and all the other things you want in life? You can trust Him because He has given you Jesus (Rom 8:32) So that small voice is not from God, that is the same voice that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden, the voice of the devil. 


But why then are you not seeing your needs met? 

To answer that question you first have to ask yourself what you are coveting. Because when you are concerned with having your needs met, you are coveting your needs when you should only covet the blood of Jesus. (Hebr 13:5). If you are worried, you are coveting the thing you are worried about instead of the blood of Jesus. When you covet something, you are not getting anything. 


The way to having your needs met is to covet only the blood of Jesus. It is to be satisfied with the blood. It is to decide that even though you dont have the money to pay your bills, you have the blood and that is enough. It is to decide that even though you dont have food on the table, you have the blood and that is enough. If this is your way of life, then the Bible promises you He will meet all your needs. (Romans 8:32)


So do not worry, worrying is actually a sin that hinders God from giving you His best for your life. 

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