Do we have reason to fear a nuclear war?

Do we have reason to fear a nuclear war?


“Therfore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”. Matth 6:25-34

With everything happening in Syria, the Baltic nations, Kaliningrad, the island of Gotland and North Korea it is difficult not to worry sometimes. We have prophecies telling us the exact date for Russian invasion and prophecies telling us not to worry because Russia will never invade and there will be no nuclear war. Its easy to get confused when prophets of God disagree on what the Lord is saying.

We have world leaders telling us this is a new cold war, and it is even colder then it was back in the 80´s. Just yesterday deputy prime minister of Turkey said the Syrian conflict has the potential to escalate into an open war between Russia and USA. It is easy to fear and worry when the worlds leaders seem to be on the brink of nuclear war. And we know Mr.Putin considered using nuclear weapons in the Crimea conflict.

Do we have reason to fear? Will there be a nuclear war? What will happen?

When Jonah was sent to Nineveh he was given a prophecy of destruction. God had told Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them He was going to wipe out the entire city because of their sin and their failure to repent from it.

There are many similarities today between our countries and Nineveh. Our leaders have allowed and approved of sin, they have even made laws to protect sin. And when we warn against it and we warn about Gods impending judgement and wrath to come, they refuse to listen. All through the Bible we see what happened to nations and individuals who did not listen to Gods warning. God destroyed them because of their sin.

So we know God would not be unjust if He chose to wipe out our nations. We actually deserve it as a nation. But then we read further on in the story of Nineveh and we see how the prophecy did not come to pass. God decided not to wipe out the city. Why?

Because the people of Nineveh heard Jonas warnings and repented. The Bible tells us God changes His mind sometimes, and He is merciful. It does not take much to change His mind, just a prayer from a rigtheous man or woman or the decision from a sinner to repent.

So what does this tell us? How can this answer our question about the future, possible nuclear war?

God has every right to wipe out every nation on the face of this earth if He chose to do so. We have sinned, every last one of us. We have all chosen to neglect and ignore His warnings. He has told us to repent but we have laughed in His face and told Him we do not care and then gone  and approved of laws to protect sin.

It is a very strong possibility God could decide to allow nuclear war. But it is also a very strong possibility He could decide to change His mind and stop a nuclear war from ever happening. God has used gentiles and unbelievers as instrument of His wake up call before and He can do it again. So it is a strong possibility He can use Mr.Putin  or another political leader in another country, as a instrument of His wake up call to the nations.

The only thing we can know for sure is this. If a nuclear war or a conventional war happened, we who are believers have nothing to fear. We know where we are going after this life. We know we are going home, so we have no reason to fear death. Of course if you are an unbeliever you have every reason to fear a nuclear war. After a very painful suffering on this earth it will be an eternity of suffering in hell that will make a nuclear war seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

I know there are very prominent famous well known preachers who would claim God would never ever allow war as punishment. They would claim because of the cross God will never punish and never judge. They are 100% wrong. To claim God does not punish after the cross overlook Acts 5:1-11. In Acts 5:1-11 God killed a man and a woman for lying to Him. In 1.Cor 5:1-11 God punishes a believer living in sin who refuses to repent.

To make the statement God does not punish today because of the cross is blasphemy.

God still punishes, and God still judges individuals and nations  who refuse to listen to Him. So there is no doubt about it, God can decide to use war or any other means He chooses to punish a nation or an individual who refuses to listen to Him. So there is no doubt about it, what we are seeing happening right now is allowed by God. He does not want it to happen, and He has done everything to prevent it from happening. But if a nation refuses to listen He allows it to happen.

He could allow a nuclear war, He could decide to just allow a conventional war. He could decide to do nothing at all if the nations of this world repented of their sins and turned back to Him, back to the cross.

I know it is easy to get confused when Gods prophets cant seem to agree on what is about to happen. But we must always remember this, a prophecy is never a guarantee. Its God telling us what will happen if a nation does not repent and turn back to Him. And we know from the Bible that when a nation, or an individual turns back to Him, He is merciful and forgives everything. So when you hear prophecies about Russian invasion, nuclear war or anything else just keep in mind it could happen. It does not have to happen but it could happen.

And I know it is easy to feel fear when the leaders of this world seems to want a nuclear war or prepears for a nuclear war the way we see Russia is doing right now. But we have to remember God has the final say in everything.

As believers we have no reason to fear. If God decides to allow a nuclear war, a conventional war or anything else to happen to our nations we will be safe. I am not promising you will not die or get hurt in a war or a natural disaster. But you will be safe because you are a child of God, reconciled to the Lord. You are in covenant with the Lord and if you die in a war or a natural disaster you will wake up in heaven and be home with the one who loves us. If you are physically wounded and hurt you have a Father in heaven who promises to heal you or take you home to heaven.

If you are not a believer you have great reason to fear. God could allow a punishment on your nation today. It could be a natural disaster, a war or a nuclear war. You could die og get seriously wounded. If you died you would wake up in hell, and the hell you had just left on earth would be a walk in the park in comparison. If you are physically wounded and hurt, God has no covenant with you. He has not promised to heal you or care for you or provide for you.

While we are here on this earth, we who are reconciled to God, have a job to do. And that is to spread the Gospel. We dont know how much time we have, we dont know what will happen tomorow. But we know we have a obligation to spread the Gospel while we still can. Our other task is this, we have an obligation to pray for our nations and leaders. We have an obligation to pray for people like Mr.Putin. Yes he might be the next Hitler, we dont know. But what we do know is this. Jesus our Lord died for him and his sins. And we do know or prayers of a righteous man are very effective (James 5:16)

Do you still find it difficult not to worry?

Are you still filled with fear when reading the news?

If you are filled with fear and finding it hard not to worry it is a sign telling you something is wrong with your faith. I know popular preachers would tell you it is ok to be afraid. But the Bible says fear is a sign of doubt. And if you feel fear now it is a sign your object of faith is wrong.

Make sure your object of faith is the cross of Christ and nothing but the cross. How do you make sure?

If you are content with just the cross then you know the object of your faith is correct. Perhaps you need healing, money or something else. If you are still able to be content with just the cross you know your object of faith is correct.

This does not mean you do not pray and ask God to meet your needs. You still pray about things, you still have needs. But you choose to be content with the cross. So if God chooses not to meet those needs right away it does not affect you in any way. He does it in His timing, and while you are waiting, you are content because you have the cross.

The person who is content with the cross will never be scared of a war, a nuclear war or a natural disaster. That person knows his soul is safe. That person trusts God to meet their needs in His time.

So there is a way, a cure for fear. The cure is the cross of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are wondering if I have any prophecies about what is happening right now. The only thing I have heard from the Lord so far is a sadness for Finland and southern parts of Sweden. He grieves for those countries. And i have seen Finland being united with Russia, the borders have been removed. A few weeks before Mr.Putin moved his missiles to Kaliningrad I saw that happening in a vision. And I also saw missiles being fired from Kaliningrad area towards Finland. About one year ago I saw the three northen counties of Norway (Nordland, Troms and Finnmark) being roped in almost. Something that looked like a rope was thrown from the sea over these three countes and then tightened. This is consistent with would happen in a open war between NATO and Russia where Russia would occupy these three counties as a protective measure.

So if you where to ask me I would say a war is coming. I do not know when, and God might change His mind and stop it from ever happening. But right now, the way things look right now, I would say its coming.

But remember what we learned today, Nineveh shows us it is possible for God to change His mind.


Published by Apostle Ernie

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