Just look at what has happened

2. Peter 1:3 "According as His Divine Power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him Who has called us to Glory and Virtue"

if you are traveling somewhere today by plane you are a man or a woman of great faith. When you board that aircraft later on today you are acting out of faith. You have never met the pilot or talked to the head of the airline company. So you do not know that the pilot is able to do his or her job. You have not personally checked the aircraft but you choose to believe it is in good working condition to transport you safely to your destination. You have no proof telling you what you are about to do is safe, but still you go ahead and board that aircraft.

In 2.Peter 1:3 Jesus is telling us we can trust Him for everything and not just our salvation. He reminds us how He has given us everything we need for life and godliness, but still so many of us find it so easy to doubt this. But did you know you have proof, proof telling you He can be trusted for everything in our life?

If you are honest with your own life, you will soon have to admit we do not deserve Jesus. We deserve hell because we have all broken Gods 10 commandments (Romans 3:10). So God would be just and righteous if He sent us all to hell, we deserve it. But because of His love for us, He gave us Jesus and made it very easy. We only have to believe Jesus died for us to be righteous and forgiven.

This is the proof telling us we can trust Jesus for everything in our life. He who has given us Jesus, how much more will He give us everything we need for life and living. But...if we will not accept Jesus we will not get what we need for this life and living.

This is the second half of 2.Peter 1:3, the condition set by Jesus to get our hands on all we need for life and godliness. We have to believe Jesus died for us, and keep believing Jesus died for us, to get all that pertains to life and godliness.

If you want healing, money, protection or anything at all from God you must believe Jesus died for your sins and keep believing it. God gives us the things we need for life and living not on account of something we have done, or not done. He gives us everything we need on account of our faith and trust in what Jesus did for us. If we dont trust what Jesus did, we will never get anything from God.

If you are able to trust an airline pilot you have never met to fly you safely to your destination, you are able to trust what Jesus did for you at the cross. If you doubt if Jesus can be trusted, just look at the cross and you will see the proof you need.

The only thing you need is the cross of Christ, you do not need anything else.

I know some of you are struggling with this, you might be having thoughts like "its to easy, it cant be that easy!". "I cant trust Jesus, I dont know how, I have never met Him. How can I trust the Bible?"

There is one thing you cant deny, one thing you cant get past, one thing you cant overlook. That is your sin. No matter what you believe in you know you have lied, hated, stolen things regardless of its value and committed adultery at heart. You cant deny you are a liar, a thief and a adulterer at heart.

Jesus died not have to die for your sins. He did not have to be punished for your lies, your hate, your thefts, your adultery and the rest of your sins. He had never sinned a day in His life, so He was and is innocent. But still He chose to die for your sins, He chose to be punished as a liar, a thief, and adulterer. He chose to be punished for your sins, to take upon Himself your punishment so you could be forgiven. He did not have to do this, to suffer and die for something He had not done. But love drove Him to it, love for you drove Him to the cross. But He loves you to much to force you to accept this, you have to choose.

Jesus will never force you to be forgiven, He will never force you into anything. You have a choice, a choice between being judged for your own sins or allowing Him to be judged for your sins. But you have to make the first choice, you have to choose to come to Him with your sins. If you do this you will know that He is real, you will know how much He has forgiven you.

If you are willing to come to Him with your sin, asking for His forgiveness and trusting in what He did for you, you will know for yourself that He is real and you can trust Him.  And if you can trust Him you know you can trust Him when He says He will give you everything you need for life and living.

And yes, it is that easy. That is how good God is, He made is very easy for us and we just have to trust in what Jesus did for us and keep trusting in it. If we do He guarantees He will do the rest, He will then give you everything you need for life and living.

So there is no need to worry, there is no need to be anxious about anything. In fact, worrying is a sin because when you worry you are actually telling God you dont trust Him. So choose to trust Him, choose to trust what He did for you at the cross, choose to trust that He will provide for you today and meet all of your needs. Choose to trust Him for money, healing, provision and everything you need because you already trust what He did for you at the cross.

And if you get tempted to doubt, to worry or to fear, just look at the cross.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com


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