The good life through suffering

The good life through suffering

"And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved." Matth 10:22

What is the Gospel? 

The Gospel is the message that we are all sinners headed for hell. And we deserve hell, but God loves us so much that He has made it possible for us to be reconciled to Him. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, to take our punishment upon Himself, and if we will believe this to be true for us we will be reconciled to God. We do not deserve it, we deserve hell, but He did it anyway because He loves us. (Gen 15:6, Rom 3:10, 3:22, John 3:16)

People in this world loves to be told how great they are, how much they can accomplish. They love to have their self image and ego boosted. So its easy for them to accept a message that says God wants you to have your best life now, and this is your time. Its easy for them to accept that God wants you to succeed, and they have no problem believing Jesus as long He comes to them as their coach and motivational speaker making promises of what to do to be rich. But that is not the real Jesus, the real Jesus did not come to make us rich, happy, prosperous, succesfull, joyful. He did not come to give us the best life now. The real Jesus came to die on a cross for our sins, as Gods sacrifice for our sins. 

Dont get me wrong, God does want you healthy and wealthy (Rom 8:32, Deut 28:1-13, Psalm 91, Psalm 23). When He liberated the Israelites from Egypt He made slaves into millionaires, He healed every one of them so they walked out of Egypt healed and as multi millionaires. So God is not opposed or against you being healthy or wealthy. But the doorway, the entrance to health and wealth is the cross. The Bible says not to many in this world are willing to accept this. (1.Chor 1:18)

This ministry opened October 2015 and since then I have reached every nation on the earth with the gospel by the use of internet. I am not claiming I have reached every person in every nation, but I do know I have reached every nation. 

A lot of these nations have restricted their inhabitants access to christian web pages. But Facebook has no restrictions. So from time to time I am contacted by muslims living in Islamic nations. They have no christians in their area to ask questions and they have no access to christian web pages. But they have access to Facebook, so they contact me through my ministry Facebook page. 

Some of them just want to argue, but some of them have actually accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour during our conversations. They have told me that if their families knew they would kill them without hesitating. But they cant continue to be muslims because they have realized their need to be reconciled to God, and they have realized its only one way and that is through Jesus and His cross. 

They could easily have gone on living as muslims and lived a good life. But the need for reconciliation to God is greater then the need for a comfortable life. 

I was watching one of the popular preachers on TV not to long ago. He was on GOD TV, one of the more popular christian tv stations. His sermon focused on different ways to be blessed from God, and he told his congregation that if they confessed scripture and had enough faith God would bless them with favour, success, money and a good life. He is not the only preacher telling his congregation this, most of the regular preachers on GOD TV has the same message: Do what I tell you and I promise you God will bless you with the good life. 

What we christians refer to as the world has no problems accepting this message. The world wants to be be told God has their best interest at heart. The world wants to be told God desires for them to live the good life, blessed with money, success and favor. 

This is so different from the reality my brothers and sister living in hiding in islamic countries are experiencing. They could have chosen to continue as muslims and lived a good life, a life with money, safety, favor and success. But the need to be reconciled to God was greater so they left all of that behind because reconciliation to God was more important.

The difference is so great it becomes painfully obvious we are talking about two different gods. The god of GOD TV, and most other christian TV that promises the good life, and the God of the Bible that promises to meet all of our needs IF we are reconciled to Him through faith in Jesus. (Romans 8:32)

The Gospel is an offense to this world. (1.Chor 1:18). The Gospel makes people angry (Math 10:22) but the Gospel also reconciles us to God. (John 3:16, Rom 3:22) And the Gospel promises us all our needs will be met if we are reconciled to God (Rom 8:32) 

Nobody likes to be hated, nobody likes conflict. And I am sure my brothers and sisters in islamic countries that have made the decision to accept Jesus does not want to be killed. They do not want to suffer, and have to live in hiding from their family. But they know suffering on this earth is for a moment, but eternity is for an eternity. 

The Gospel promises us suffering on this earth because we who preach the Gospel and we who accept the Gospel will be hated by this world. But it also promises us an eternity in heaven and it promises us all  our needs will be met on this earth. 

Is it any wonder my brothers and sisters in islamic countries choose reconciliation to God over a good life on this earth?

What about yourself?

Are you a product of GOD TV, or one or more of the well known preachers of today that has promised you your best life now? 

How would you react if somebody where to put a gun to your head and tell you to choose Christ or life, if they told you to deny Christ or die? Would you consider reconciliation to God so important you would say "shoot, I cant deny Christ"? Or would you deny Christ?

My brothers and sisters in the islamic countries face the possibility of being killed every day because of their new faith. But they know that if they die, they are going to heaven. So they know we should not fear death. Death would only be a liberation for us from this body and we would be home with the one who died for us, Jesus Christ. 

So death is nothing to fear for a Christian, as long as you are a Christian. 

If you are not sure on how you would react it is a possibility you are not reconciled to God. And if you are not reconciled to God, you have every good reason to fear death. 

There are so called preachers of the gospel in the world today who are no true preachers of the Gospel. They make false promises and preach another god, a god that promises the best life now. A god that promises success, favor and money right now. 

If you are a product of them and their preaching it is a good possibility you are not reconciled to God. 

So make sure you are reconciled to God. Make sure you believe Jesus died for your sins, and make sure that is the reason for you calling yourself a Christian. 

Yes you will be hated, yes you will suffer, and some of us will have to die a violent death inflicted us by people of other religions. But if we are reconciled to God we have no reason to fear death and no reason to fear suffering. 


Because God promises those who are reconciled to Him that He will meet all of their needs (Roman 8:32)

God will take care of you if you are reconciled to Him through faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for you. And God will continue to take care of you if you keep yourself reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for you. 


Published by Apostle Ernie


Sep 23, 2016, 3:47:05 AM

Hi Kevin, meditating on the word is not confessing scripture to receive money and success. The Bible says that Jesus is the word, so when we are told to meditate on the word the Bible is actually telling us to meditate on Jesus. You can never seperate Jesus from the cross, so what the Bible is in fact saying is this: If your faith is in Jesus dying for your sins and you keep your faith on Jesus dying for your sins, you will be prosperous.

Sep 22, 2016, 12:54:02 PM

Hi, Very illuminating post. I tend to find the issue of preaching abundance and prosperity confusing. The bible does talk about it, including meditating on the Word to be prosperous. But what happens if you do have a relationship with Christ but don't confess scripture over and over again to receive money and success? Will you just stay broke the way you are?

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