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“Wherefore if you be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are you subject to Ordinances? ” Col 2:20


Yesterday I was reminded how my life has changed for the better. The last 4 years my wife and I have been in a constant financial struggle, never been able to make ends meet each month. We are living from paycheck to paycheck, and most of the time, we have to ask for an advance on our next months paycheck.

Now it is 8 days left until our next paycheck and we are running very low on money right now. So the best thing for us would be if it came today. As it happens, the guy at work, my brother in law who is responsible for our paychecks is going out of the country on a business trip next week. So he decided to do this months paycheck on monday instead of next friday. This is a good thing for us, because we could not have waited one week for it. But the best thing would be if we received it today.

So how has my life changed for the better? Is this not how it used to be?  Yes the circumstances has not changed, but my outlook on my life has changed.


4 years ago I would be very stressed out right now, praying hard for the Lord to force my brother in law to do our paycheck today and not on monday. I would have this awful feeling that the Lord was very distant, and sometimes doubt if He even cared. It would have been very easy for me to resort to any man made fad, such as confession, tithing, giving my way out of debt or fasting. But I would have had this nagging feeling I did not do enough and God did not care.

I do not know your circumstances. But I know some of you right now are caught up into something similar. God feels far away, very distant and you are filled with fear not knowing what will happen. You know what the Bible says, He is your healer, provider, deliverer, protector. But it feels like this does not apply to you right now. It feels like you have to find the missing key in Gods equation to open the correct door you need. I know how you feel, I have been there and done that and I can say with all honesty, it is not easy. Especially considering how many different “voices” telling you what is the correct key.

4 years ago I was in that situation, franticly looking for the correct key trying everything but none of them seemed to fit. All the time I was overlooking the one correct key, which is faith and death at the same time.


This is why I was reminded yesterday how my life has changed. My circumstances have not changed. But now I am not stressed out, I am not franticly looking for the key and God feels very near. So what has changed? I found the key, the simple key of faith and death.

Yesterday I was praying my brother in law would decide to do our paycheck today. But when he told me he is going to do them on monday I was ok with it. I was tempted to worry, I was tempted to give into those thoughts of fear, and “what if this happens” thoughts. But then I was reminded of something, I was reminded I have died. A dead person has nothing to worry about and suddenly the door I have been trying to open for so many years opened by itself.

Make no mistake about it, my circumstances have not changed. But what has changed is my soul, my soul is now healthy because now I have a biblical outlook on my circumstances. Now I know I am dead, and a dead person have nothing to worry about. Dead persons have no need for money, they do not have debt and they have no need to worry about how they are going to pay their bills.

“But wait a minute, you are not dead, you are writing this article so you seem to be very much alive”

Yes that is correct, and its wrong at the same time. My physical body is alive. I am breathing, my heart is beating and everything is working as it should. When somebody calls my name, I respond so my personality is still present in the body. But I am not my body. All humans are spirits having a human experience. But so often we make the mistake of thinking we are our bodies. We are not a body, we are a spirit living in a body. And what is important is what happens to our spirit, not what happens to our body.

The devils biggest lie is to tell people they are a physical body, because he knows that if he can get them to believe this, they will not care about any spiritual truths. But the truth is this, you are a spirit having a human experience. And one day your body will die, and you as a spirit will go on to live forever in heaven or hell depending on your faith in what Jesus did for you.

Because I am a spirit my spirit died September 11 2001 when I chose to believe Jesus died for my sins. That day my spirit became one with the spirit of Jesus. So because of my faith in what Jesus did for me, I am dead with Jesus, buried with Him and raised with Him to live His life. And now I am seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

A dead person has no reason to worry, fear. A dead person has no need for money and a dead person has no reason to worry when his or her paycheck comes late a month or not when it should come.

This is what has changed, I have understood what has happened in 2001 and what has to happen each and every day when I choose to believe Jesus died for me and I choose to believe the cross is enough.

So yesterday when my brother in-law told me he was going to to our paycheck on monday I was tempted to worry. But instead of worrying I reminded myself I am dead and I do not need that paycheck. I only need to remain dead with Jesus.I still dont have any guarantee the little money we have left will be enough to make it until monday. I still do not know for sure he will do our paychecks on monday and we still have debt. But I am at peace, I do not worry about this. I have peace and joy in my heart right now in the midst of this trial.

How is that possible?

Because I am dead with Jesus, I am buried with Him and raised with Him to a new life. And because I am dead with Him, united with Him, it no longer becomes my responsibility what happens to us. He lives in me, He is one with Me, so He will do what is necessary for us to make it until monday and He will do what needs to be done for us to become debt free.Because I know the bible says He wants us to prosper. He finds His pleasure in our prosperity.

What about you?

Have you died? Or are you still alive and screaming trying to persuade Jesus to do something for you?

To get what you need right now, you first need to die and remain dead so that He can live in you. A dead person does not need healing, a dead person does not need money or protection. So if you are dead, you do not need to worry about these things. Because then you are dead, buried with Him and raised with Him to sit with Him at our Fathers right hand. Then everything in your life becomes His responsibility. He takes on the responsibility of your health, your finances, your protection.

If you worry about those things you have become subject to the ordinances of this world. But the Bible clearly says we are not to become subject to the ordinances of this world. We are to count ourself as dead from this world. And dead people have no need for the things of this world. But dead people united with Jesus gets everything they need in this world. (Col 2:20, Deut 28:1-13)

Of course He will tell you what to do sometimes. If you need to apply for a job He will tell you what do to, when to do it and what job to apply to. If you  need to stop a habit that is bad for you, harmful to your body, He will tell you what to quit and how. But the best thing is this, we are not doing it alone. We are dead, we are united with Him, so He will do it with us.

It is Jesus who will apply for the job, it is Jesus who will stop the habit, it is Jesus who will make sure I get the money I need to become debt free. How He does it I do not know. But I am not worried about it because I am dead.

So why worry?


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