The right perspective on things

The right perspective on things

How do you respond when you have prayed, but nothing has happened yet?

I guess we have all been there, we want something from God so bad and we pray really hard for it, but it does not happen when we want it to happen. How do we respond? Do we become fearful? Worried? Doubtful if God wants us to have what we prayed for? Angry at God?

We are all guilty of becoming fearful, worried, angry at God and doubtful when things like that happen. I have experienced it myself, and I guess you have to.

But did you know its a sin to react that way?

If you react that way when you do not get an answer to prayer you are sinning against God. And God cant answer your prayer if its prayer prayed in sin. Only righteous prayer gets answered. (James 5:16)

God wants you well, He wants you prosperous, He wants you wealthy, healthy and happy. But God does not want those things to be idols in your life. God does not want your happiness to be connected to those things. God only wants your happiness to be connected to Him and what He has done for you.

So if you react that way when you prayers are not answered, its a sure sign those things has become idols in your life.

What are you to do then? After all you need money, health and sometimes you need those things right here, right now and you feel like you cant wait.

You are to forget about those things, forget them. And yes I know, it seems easier said then done. You do know what happens to those who die without Christ? They are judged for their sins, they end up in hell for an eternity.

You do know that before you got saved you would have ended up in hell if you have died without Christ? Hell is for an eternity, the life here on earth is not for ever. So there is a huge difference between being sick, poor and lonely some years on earth then to have to spend an eternity in hell.

If you react with anger, frustration, worry, sadness, depression and doubt when your prayers are not answered you have failed to understand this. Then you do not realize the difference between this earth and the life after and you do not understand what Christ did for you at the cross.

If you understand how important the cross is, and how little you deserved it, it soon becomes easy to forget about your current needs and your circumstances. After all you would know that if God never answered your prayers, you would still be on your way to heaven. And that is way more important then being healthy or wealthy right now.

So God wants you to understand this, that if you had to choose, you would choose the cross and not health and wealth. And God cant really answer your prayers before you understand this, because if health and wealth are more important to you, then you are actually worshiping them as idols.

But God is not against you being wealthy and healthy.

So if you get the right perspective on things, and the cross becomes more important to you then anything else, He will give you both health and wealth when the time is right.

How do you know if your perspective is right?

By the way you react when your prayers are not answered. And how your happiness is if you lack things in your life.

If you are happy and satisfied even if you are sick and poor, if you are happy and satisfied even when God does not answer your prayers, then you have the right perspective. Because then you know your happiness is constant because your faith is connected to the cross and not the things you are asking Him for.

If God knows for sure you have the right perspective, He has no trouble with giving you everything you need for this life. So the road to wealth and health is to forget about them and be satisfied with one thing and one thing only:

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, dying for your sins.


Published by Apostle Ernie

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