Which road are you walking

Which road are you walking

It is not something we like to think about, but sometimes it happen. We fail at life. We make every attempt, every effort but it just does not work out. We fail in one way or the other and we have to deal with the consequences of it. 

Failure at life happens when we trust ourself to fix, work out or change what needs to be fixed, worked out or changed in our lives. Trusting in the flesh never brings a good result, it will always bring failure. And if it should bring a good result for a time, it is because the devil will back you up and provide the good result. If he can give you a good thing, that could lead to your decision of refusing the cross, he will have no problem setting things in order for you and make things work for you. But when you fail the failure will be even stronger because you where led by the devil away from God. And the longer you are led away from God, the higher the fall. 
There is only one way to success in life, but it is the way most people have a problem with because it says we cant do anything to fix it. We cant trust ourself, that way is the total opposite to the modern way of self improvement and positive self image. It is the way of the cross where we allow ourself to die and allow jesus to live in us.
Of course we are not talking about physical death, we are talking about what happens to us when we choose to put our faith and our trust in the blood of Jesus instead of what we can do. Here is the difference, choosing to trust in our own ability, our own talent, our own background, in what we can do is the way of the flesh and the devil. Choosing to trust in the blood of Jesus, what He has already done is the way of success. The first one leads to failure, and if you walk that way God will allow it for some time because He wants you to see how much you need Him by allowing you to fall. 
If you walk the first road, the road of failure, God will allow it and He will allow the devil to tempt you, lie to you and trick you into walking that way. God is not at fault when He does this, He has given us everything we need to know and understand we should not go that way. He has given us His word in the Bible, His preachers, but when we choose to go that way even though we know we should not, He allows it to happen. But when we fail, when we fall, He stands ready to pick us up again asking us "will you know do what I have told you so you dont have to go through this once more?"
The second road leads to success, but to walk that way we can not trust ourself. We can not rely on our own strength, our own ability, talents or background. It is a way of confusion sometimes because we have to walk even though everything around us is yelling at us "dont walk that way, there is no road there!". We have to trust there is a road there, even if we cant see it sometimes. But when we trust, when we choose to walk He that made the road with His blood will confirm it and walk together with us every step of the way and see to that we will have victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. 
There are many different views about success. And I guess some of you thought "success=money and fame". When we walk the road of the blood of Jesus we will have success, but not money and fame. Because this is not about us, it is about Him. We are walking this road so that He can be glorified in our lives. And for Him to be glorified, we cant have anything of ourself to rely on. 
That is the reason why those who walk this road are the once who has been through hell and back in life sometimes. They are the once who have felt depression, sickness, poverty and war. They are the once who have battle scars to show for. They are the once who once upon time thought they could do it themself, they tried but they failed. They have tried the way of the devil and failed, so they know there is nothing good living in them and they are walking on this road to His glory. 
This road of the blood of Jesus will always bring glory to Him because on this road we who are walking there are the once who has been laughed at, been mocked by society and judged to have no future. We are the once who failed, fell and the world said "there is no hope". But then in the midst of our darkness, when we sat there in our failure we looked up and saw the smile of Jesus and an outstretched hand. We took His hand and answered the call to walk the road of the blood of Jesus. 
So now we are walking the road of the blood of Jesus with our Lord. We know there is nothing good in us. We know we cant trust ourself, we know there is only one thing we can trust and that is the blood of Jesus. That way, when we achieve success He will be glorified for it and we will get the benefits. That is grace, that is true christianity, that is the road of the blood of Jesus. 
So which way are you walking?

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com

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