Top React Native UI Components and Animation Library to Use in 2022

Top React Native UI Components and Animation Library to Use in 2022

Timing is key when working on a new app project! This is where React Native libraries can save you time and money. You should know which are the most active open source communities on the web. The most active open source communities on the web are React native communities and GitHub which demonstrates that the React Native repository is one of the best-rated storages.


You will get many modules and 3rd party libraries for anything a user wants to implement in their mobile app project. When it comes to increasing user engagement and user interaction in mobile apps, developers create engaging user interfaces and use animations. Users like to use animations when using the app, which can further enhance the user experience.


The same idea applies when developing your applications. A well-designed user interface and animation of some user actions can help increase user engagement in your application. So, when working with the React Native framework, you need to use UI components and animation libraries. 


Here are Top React Native UI Components and Animation Library to Use in 2022


1.   Shoutem UI Toolkit


The three react-native kit user interfaces are UI components, themes, and component animations. A library is a collection of easily customizable components for iOS and Android. You can also create complex components without having to manually define styles here.


You can create beautifully react native apps for your android and iOS; it is a nice set of amazing components. All of the components are configurable and customized. Styles are predefined of each component that match the rest of the Shoutem user interface, so you can create complex components that look great without having to manually define complex styles.


2.   NativeBase


It is one of the most popular reactive native libraries. The native base provides many cross-platform components. Native Base allows you to work with third-party libraries, although the project itself is a rich add-on system with handy starter kits, customizable theme templates, and more. For aspiring developers, React Native Base is perfect for building apps. You need to have this from the best mobile app development company. 


Some open-source projects in this library include sample apps, Twitter Clone apps, and native apps. You can also get premium starter packs from this library. Native Base, an established library of user interface components, is widely used to provide mobile and accessible elements.


The library allows users to create and maintain a safe design framework for both mobile and web platforms. It also provides elements for React Native UI development.


The UI component library gives access to users to optimize for both dark and light modes. It is done through react-native ARIA.



3.   React Native Elements


This is one of the most user-friendly tools. The authors of the library declare that their essence lies in the structure of the components, not the design. Although the templates are smaller, they give you full control over the information displayed, helping lower the entry threshold for beginners and speeding up the work of experienced professionals.


This is a sample application that shows all the components in action. This is an easy-to-configure, cross-platform UI component library with a few additional elements. Supports custom themes. Not only that you will also be able to access elements like avatars, pricing, badges, star ratings, divider, social icon buttons, and overlay. 


The aim of the react native app development is to give a comprehensive UI kit for React Native app development. It also reduces the deviation so packages are placed together easily.


Developers are provided with a readymade kit with API. It was created by Facebook to reduce the cost of mobile development applications. It helped to reduce the cost.


It is currently the best solution for creating cross-platform mobile applications. React Native interprets UI components with the help of Javascript for rendering. After this, it calls Objective C for the purpose of displaying android or iOS components. This bridge represents an additional layer of abstraction that can result in a longer and more time-consuming development process. 


 4. React Native UI Kitten


 UI Kitten is a React Native user interface library for creating stunning multi-brand, cross-platform mobile apps. Did you know the library is based on the Eva design system? It is very productive as it provides consistency in the process of mobile app development. It contains a set of common user interface components in a similar style.


Best of all, you can change themes at runtime without reloading your application. The framework includes a set of universal user interface components designed in a similar style. The best thing about Ui Kitten is that you can change the theme at runtime without reloading your app. This makes it easy to focus on your business logic and UI Kitten takes care of the look and feels of your product. 


5.   Lottie for React Native 


It is a mobile library that helps users to add animations to their apps. In general, after you create an animation in Adobe After Effects, you need to convert it to a format that can be used by web applications. Lottie is here to help. It works by exporting JSON animation data from the After Effects BodyMovin extension. The animations can be rendered on the web with the help of an extension.


React native also works with it and provides user access to the official documentation on Github, which has received around 12,000 stars. The Lottie library and plugins are free to use, and a carefully curated collection of animation files can be used to make your applications engaging and engaging. The files of animation are of small size in vector format.  Therefore, it should not affect the performance of the application. At the same time, it can stimulate the experience of users, it makes it better.


React's ubiquity allows developers to supply an endless supply of user interface libraries with custom components they can use to build applications. With these easy-to-use libraries, developers have developed beautiful user interfaces for the web, desktop, and hybrids. 

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