Develop And Launch An On-Demand Liquor App Like Drizly

Develop And Launch An On-Demand Liquor App Like Drizly

The outbreak of pandemics has changed the way every business operates. Today, more and more businesses are moving from conventional methods of functioning to online mode. Among these businesses is online liquor delivery stores. This has given immense popularity to on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly and this app has been an inspiration to many start-ups who wish to start their online alcohol delivery business. So, if you are also planning to invest in on-demand delivery apps, this article would help you know how to create and launch an app like Drizly. So, let us begin.

Interesting Statistics of Liquor Market

  • The liquor industry has witnessed a boost in total sales & revenue by 32.7% in 2020. Drizly alone witnessed growth in revenues by 78%.
  • The on-demand alcohol delivery market is predicted to touch $1,684 million by the year 2025.

When the world is moving towards new normal, the liquor market is transforming giving a competitive edge to many other on-demand markets. The reason behind the success of the alcohol industry is the introduction of on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly, which is helping the liquor market grow. Hence, a lot of entrepreneurs are moving towards this industry and investing in on-demand liquor delivery apps.

Why Move Your Alcohol Delivery Business To Online Platform?

Even if we are moving out of the lockdowns that occurred during the pandemic, there is still a threat of virus spread. It has resulted in a lot of people avoiding going to pubs and bars. So, it can be challenging for businesses to sustain themselves in such uncertain times. Hence, on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly gained a lot of popularity. Here are the main reasons why you need to move your alcohol delivery business online

Relaxation On Alcohol Delivery Rules

Liquor authorities are giving relaxations on alcohol delivery norms in many countries. They are allowing pubs and bars to deliver doorstep delivery to the customers.

Increase In User Demand

According to a report, beverages sales including alcohol saw a rise of 55% in the USA. Customers are going crazy to order alcohol online which has also helped apps like Drizly to witness accelerated sales by 300%.

So, if you are also planning to start your liquor delivery app, this is the right time to get started. Also, if you are inspired by apps like Drizly, you can read on to find more information on how this app works, the features included in the app, and how to build such an app.

Drizly- What Is It All About?

It is an online platform that offers alcohol delivery to your doorstep. Drizly also allows its users to select from a huge collection of wine, beer, and spirits through local retailers to their preferred location via a website or mobile app.

Drizly – How Does It Work?

Let us look at how the on-demand alcohol delivery app Drizly works.

  • Customer registers with the liquor delivery app and looks for the booze of their choice from the nearest locations
  • Customers can place an order or even schedule delivery to meet their needs. Drizly ensures timely delivery of customers’ orders
  • Once the customer places the order, the order is assigned to the delivery staff and an estimated time of arrival is sent to the customers at every point from pick-up to delivery. Customers can also track the delivery at their end.
  • After the order is delivered, the delivery staff collects the payments and feedback from the customer.

Drizly believes in selling a premium range of alcohol at a cost-effective price.

What Are The Features To Be Considered To Build An App Like Drizly?

To build an online alcohol delivery business app and run it smoothly, it is important to list the features at the beginning of the online liquor delivery app development process to make your app successful like Drizly. The online alcohol delivery app is divided into 4 panels and they are:

  • Customer panel
  • Delivery panel
  • Supplier panel
  • Admin panel

So, let us have a look at the vital features to be included in each of the above panels :

1. Customer Panel

  • Easy login
  • Advanced search filters
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ratings & review

2. Delivery Agent Panel

  • Flawless onboarding
  • Availability management
  • Order status update
  • Deliver proof
  • Optimized routes

3. Supplier Panel

  • Alerts & notifications
  • Manage products
  • Order tracking
  • Advanced analytics & reporting

4. Admin Panel

  • Manage suppliers
  • Manage customers
  • Manage delivery agents
  • Manage discounts & promotions
  • Manage business

The features mentioned above are basic ones, you can always extend the list of features to include advanced features. But, to accomplish this job you hire a trustworthy alcohol app development company.

Steps To Follow To Develop On-Demand Delivery Apps Like Drizly?

Well, to set everything right for your liquor delivery app development process, you need to follow a systematic plan that helps you get desired results. Let us go through these steps.

1. Create a Plan

It is the very first step wherein you need to draft a plan that would not just focus on the app ideas, basic investment, but also the overall costs, income networks, flows, etc

Make sure you arrange for funds before you execute the plan to avoid any issues that may hamper your actual operations later.

2. Connect with developers

Certainly, it is your start-up idea and you want to handle it on your own. Still, technical assistance is what you need to implement your app ideas and bring them to life.

While connecting with the online liquor delivery app development team make sure you communicate your expectations clear before avoiding miscommunication. It will help your project development sail smoothly.

3. Create A Functional User-Interface

Focus on the user interface till you start building a database for the plan. Ensure that the designers, engineers, and brand managers pay necessary attention to build excellent user-interface that connects with the end-users better.

4. Focus On Back-end & Database

Try to work on storage apps and the back-end after you are done with the user-interface design. To start with, make sure you begin with limited data to draft an MVP (minimally viable application) or trial model to help you get better insights into how your app works. Certainly, you can suggest changes that can be implemented faster as this is a trial phase and not yet launched.

5. Testing


Once the app development is over, a testing process will follow wherein the team of developers would test the app for any bugs or errors and remove them if any. After thorough testing, you can launch the app

What Would Be The Cost of Building An On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App?

When it comes to Drizly like app development cost, it depends on several factors that include

  • Features and the complexity
  • Platform
  • Team size & expertise
  • Number of users
  • Location of the development team

Are You Ready To Serve Your Customers Through On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps like Drizly?

Well, building an application like Drizly comes with a lot of room to gain more customers and fetch maximum profits. Undoubtedly, you need expert on-demand app development solutions that make it happen. Get in touch with Apps On Demand, a reliable alcohol app development company to get impeccable mobile app development services. Discuss your app ideas with us to get white label app development solutions that help you gain more profits like Drizly.

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