How to Build On-Demand Delivery Application Like Postmates and Succeed

How to Build On-Demand Delivery Application Like Postmates and Succeed

When most people order food online, an on-demand delivery app like Postmateshas identified the changing needs of the consumers and emerged as a big player in the on-demand delivery business. This blog will help you know the factors that made food delivery apps like Postmates gain profits.

About Postmates

It is an online food & goods delivery service started in 2011. This platform created a spectrum for merchants, customers, and individual workers to work together to offer on-demand delivery services. Let us know how Postmates moved towards success through the on-demand delivery business.

Business Model followed by Postmates

Postmates follow a distinct business model that helped them drive more investors. This business model can be split into 4 different steps

1. Key activities

  • Collaborating with proficient engineering crew for premium on-demand delivery app development
  • Hiring delivery staff
  • Approaching potential stores and restaurants and associating with them
  • Obtaining first orders
  • Building an effective online marketing campaign

2. Key resources

This section is about considering the financial and human resources you possess like physical property and an intelligent workforce. You can plan your budget, details about the development team, and a list of equipment.

3. Value proposition

Your app would comprise three different sections of users- that is customers, couriers, and restaurants. Figure out what value will be offered by your app to each of these groups.

4. Customer relationship

In this section, you need to determine how users will communicate in your app

  • Automated order placement
  • Chat-based communication among users
  • Customer support
  • Reviews & ratings

5. Promotion channels

When releasing a food delivery app like Postmates you should advertise your app idea through

  • Company website & social media profiles
  • Mobile app
  • Associating with other brands and influencers

6. Customer sections

Look at this section from the buyer’s point of view. Get into the shoes of your users, their age group, their interests and what apps they use, etc. With detailed research from the buyer’s outlook, you can offer a personalized experience to the customers.

7. Cost structure


Here you need to focus on different factors where you need to invest like

  • Funds for contractors and employees you hire which includes communication managers, couriers, etc
  • App development & maintenance cost

Postmates Work Set-up – Software, Hardware, & Application needs

An on-demand delivery app like Postmates Comprise of software, hardware, and app solutions to offer an impeccable experience to the customers and it comprises of

1. Restaurant Point of sale (POS) System Integration

A POS system is often integrated by the restaurants to save data to facilitate order management. Once the user places an order using a Postmates app, it is displayed over the Point of sale system of that particular restaurant. The entire workflow becomes flawless with

  • Easy inventory tracking
  • Easy order management
  • Simple accounting
  • The synchronization and management of restaurant’s menu through POS

2. KDS - Kitchen Display System

It is utilized to process orders in actual time. Upon receiving Once the order is received it is passed to kitchen staff immediately. It monitors the completion time and the orders are systematically color-coded. It helps the cooking staff manage orders to identify what order is ready along with the new orders received. It keeps track of turnaround time, and orders are color-coded.

3. Multiple App Integrations

Several integrations manage food delivery apps among multiple applications. The integrations help users to install and communicate with them simultaneously.

UX design plays an integral role to assist collective user experience & combine user count on the app. Listed below are some aspects that contribute to multiple integrations required.

a) Design

After logging into the app, app design should show the list of popular restaurants. It helps users to select the restaurants using the list shown and perform an individual search matching their choice.

b) Server & API

As far as custom on-demand delivery app like Postmates are concerned they offer consumers precise menus and manage the food ordering & delivery process. This can be achieved through a server & database. Also, API integration simplifies the functioning of food delivery operations. API will help you expand your business to a different city.

c) Map & Geolocation

After the meal is ready for pick up from a specific location and to be delivered to the respective location, on-demand delivery apps like Postmates should integrate maps similar to Postmates. It helps send and navigate the pickup & drop location while tracking orders live.

d) Payment options

Postmates gives you the option to pay through credit cards too. But, when you develop a food delivery app like Postmates, you can also include other payment options like Google Wallet and PayPal.

e) List of Restaurants & Menus

You need to associate with restaurants just like Postmates for which you need to find details about different restaurants in your city, names of the meals and their prices, and meal images

4. Delivery & Courier Management


Timely delivery is what Postmates believes in and hence integrates APIs in their products. If you want to use Postmates in form of delivery service then you need

Features of Postmates Delivery Portal

  • Live price quotes for new deliveries
  • Also, order delivery can be scheduled or can request ASAP delivery
  • Pick up of multiple deliveries and delivery to several customers is possible
  • The distance for delivery can be allotted
  • Support for multiple locations for multiple storefronts
  • Customers and retailers can share tracking links to track live delivery status without logging in
  • In case of non-availability of the customer, the order can be returned

Revenue Channels that help Postmates succeed

Let us have a look at the main revenue channels adopted by Postmates

  1. Merchant Program
  2. Delivery Fee
  3. Convenience Fee
  4. Subscription

Steps to follow to build food delivery app like Postmates

  1. Market Research
  2. Staying Up-to-Date with Market Trends
  3. Researching Target Audience
  4. Business Model Selection
  • a) Order Only Model (JustEat, Grubhub)
  • b) Fully Integrated Model ( Eat Purely, Metabolic Meals)
  • c) Order & Delivery Model (DoorDash, UberEats)

Basic Features for all food delivery apps

Some of the basic features available in all food delivery apps are

  • Registration and Login
  • Payment
  • Ordering
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Order Tracking

In case the customer wants to search for a specific dish or restaurant, then your food delivery app development services need to consider some vital features for each section like

  • Real-time Messenger
  • Instant Group Deals
  • Pickup
  • Smart Virtual Assistant

The Theory That Helps Postmates Be More Successful Than Its Competitors

Certainly, Postmates is ahead of its competitors in the food delivery business and what makes it gain that edge are

  1. Reach new customers
  2. No Fees/Time Commitments
  3. Postmates plus Uber Eats
  4. Experienced Chefs
  5. Instant Deposits

Other Benefits

  1. The menu is updated frequently.
  2. A minimal fee is charged by the app based on the distance covered for pick and drop off
  3. The app comprises a special section for special stores
  4. Deliver products from remote and inaccessible places


Undoubtedly, online platforms play a crucial role to run a successful business. After learning the benefits of building on-demand food delivery apps like Postmates, you need an expert on-demand food delivery app development company to get started.

If you do not have a technical background, then digging into the technological aspects of on-demand delivery app development can result in wasting a lot of time and money. So, approach an expert mobile app development company like Apps On Demand, to get white label food delivery app services to build an app like Postmates. We also offer multiple delivery apps development services so that you can offer multiple services/products through a single platform.

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