On-Demand Massage App- How To Build An App Like Soothe?

On-Demand Massage App- How To Build An App Like Soothe?

Today, you can get almost everything at the comfort of your house through on-demand apps. Interestingly, you can get a massage at your home to relax after a hectic day. You can simply book your massage appointment using an on-demand Uber-like massage app or Soothe.

If you are into massage services business then you can offer the services to your clients through an on-demand service app development. It will help you reduce the cancellations of the appointments as you can offer services right at the comfort of their home.

To help your business grow, you need an on-demand massage app Like Soothe to gain clients and generate revenues. So, let us get started to know how to build an app like Soothe.

Before we get into the details of the development process for massage app like Soothe, let us understand how these apps work.

On-Demand Massage App – How Does It Work?

The on-demand massage apps work just like many other on-demand mobile apps. These apps help customers and massage therapists connect on a single app.

As an entrepreneur, you can hire expert freelance massage therapists for your app and ensure that several therapists are available for the clients on your app.

You can make different types of massage services available from your app like sports, deep tissue, Swedish, etc

Must-have Features To Be Integrated Into Your On-demand Massage App Like Soothe App

Well, you need to learn about the must-have features to be included in your app before you launch the massage app. You need to consider 3 primary panels and respective features to be included in each panel :

1. Customer Panel


  • Log in or sign up for the customer.
  • Check the massage therapist’s profile along with his rating & review and charges
  • Search & filter bar for fast results
  • Ability to cancel or reschedule the request
  • Enable customers to place a request or hire a specific massage therapist


2. Massage therapist

  • Simple log-in or sign-up process for massage therapists.
  • Help massage therapists to create and manage their accounts flawlessly by stating their charges, services, and experience.
  • Can set availability
  • Able to handle a request or can accept or reject the request
  • In-app Map feature
  • Manage reviews & feedback
  • In-app chat module feature
  • Payment management

3. Admin

  • Manage Dashboard
  • Enable management of Massage therapist profile
  • Customer profile management.
  • Manage the price & earnings.
  • Manage ads & featured listing
  • Promos & code management

Important steps to consider while creating an on-demand massage app

1. Invest time in Market research

After you decide on the niche for your app, spend some time and put in efforts to analyze market requirements and then create an app to match the requirements. Some of the integral points you can look into for on-demand app development are :

Target Audience

You need to find your potential audience. Here, you need to focus on the areas from where you can get more customers which ultimately will result in higher profits. So, identify your target market for your app.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

When countless apps are available in the market, you need to make your app unique. So, you need to have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your app to be different from the rest.

Target platforms

Before you plan to create an app, make sure you decide whether to build a native or hybrid app.

Competitor analysis

Carry out competitor analysis in detail to make the necessary modifications to your app.

2. Focus on App design

You need to have an interactive and engaging app design. The different steps involved in this front end process is,

Information Architecture

It is the strategy for your app screens. Here you need to fetch the details to build different app pages.


Wireframes are visual representations of the components that exist in the front end like buttons, icons, etc


It is like a trial test to find out the app compliments the design

3. App development

At this stage, the development starts for the app which includes,

  • API development
  • Back end development
  • Front end development

4. App testing


Here we reach the last step of on-demand massage app development wherein the app is developed and is ready for testing. Testing is necessary to identify the issues like bugs, errors in your app. You can use different testing methods and tools as needed.

What would be the development cost for an on-demand massage app like Soothe?

Calculating the cost of an on-demand massage app like Soothe is not easy as it depends on several factors like :

  • App design
  • The technology stack used for development
  • Platform selected (Android/iOS or both)
  • Timeframe for development
  • Features and functionalities integrated
  • Experience and location of the developer

You can eliminate a lot of challenges involved in on-demand app development by hiring a professional mobile app development company as they are equipped with the expertise and expert team you need to build a robust app.

If you want to focus on your core business activities while leaving the rest to a professional on-demand massage app development service, connect with Apps on Demand to get a scalable massage app that highlights massage services in the best possible way to gain more clients. Get in touch with us to share your vision and app ideas so that we help you enter the app market and generate revenue.


After learning about the steps to follow to build a massage app like Soother, you can give wings to your idea. If you are already into this business, then this blog is certainly going to help you grow your business

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