On-Demand Packers & movers App Development: Cost and Features

On-Demand Packers & movers App Development: Cost and Features

The packers & movers sector has witnessed massive transformation with the help of technology. When a substantial population keeps moving from their native places to different locations in search of job or business opportunities, packers & movers services help them re-locate without any hassles.

This has given rise to packers and movers mobile app development and similar apps are in demand. The idea behind the app development for packers & movers services is to manage commercial, industrial and residential shifting easily. The services help lift heavy machinery, warehouse units, residential goods, etc according to the client’s needs.

So, the online app for packers and movers becomes the hassle-free tool to manage the complexities related to shifting. The apps help cater to the demands of logistics, transportation, and moving services. Also, the services help easy shifting of electronic items safely.

Growth In Movers and Packers App Development – Statistics

  • Americans move around 11.7 times throughout their life
  • Approx 9.8% of people relocate to America every year.
  • Around 122,600 employees a year are involved in the packers & movers industry with annual compensation of $3.6 Billion.

The above stats indicate the increasing demands of packers & movers mobile app development.

Services Provided By Movers and Packers App Development

When you hire movers and packers app development team, they would include the basic services in your app that makes the interactions with the solution providers easy for you.

1. Office Shifting Services


These services include shifting of office-related products like gadgets, computers, PC and other delicate items. 

2. Professional Mover Services

When it comes to household items or fragile items, packers & movers app services help you shift those with care and undamaged. These services are set up on mobile apps so that the users can search for the one that meets their shifting needs.

3. Goods & Transport Services

Heavy equipment like industrial cranes, cars, or heavy goods like furniture can be easily shifted using a few clicks on packers & movers’ mobile apps. Thus, these services offer easy shifting of goods within or outside the city.

A packers & movers app that caters to the needs of end-users can gain a reputation in the market. Hence, it is important to choose on-demand app development services to build an app that meets the needs of your business.

Basic Features of Packers & Movers Mobile App

User Panel


  • Sign Up / Login
  • Request for Survey
  • View/Edit Profile


Admin Panel

  • Dashboard and Panels
  • Payment Manager
  • Manage Customers
  • Add/Edit/Remove/Block Drivers
  • Manage Drivers


Driver Panel

  • Sign up/ Login
  • View & Edit Profile
  • Receive Payment
  • View History

Advanced Features of Packers & Movers Mobile App

Apart from the basic features mentioned above your packers and movers mobile app also needs some advanced features to be included to grab potential customers.

  • Social Signup & Logins
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Navigation
  • In-App Chat
  • In-App Calls
  • Goods Insurance
  • Document Management
  • CRM Integration


The Technology Stack Required For Packers & Movers App

You need the perfect IT infrastructure to build scalable packers & movers’ mobile apps. Here, the technology matters a lot to build a robust app and they are

1. Cloud-Based Set-up

Cloud technology helps manage data securely. The data relating to orders, users, shifting, and other payment details are stored on the cloud to make business operations easier.

2. Communication Channels

Certainly, it is important to offer communication platforms that help the user and drive them to interact seamlessly. They can share the delivery address, landmarks, expected delivery time, delay, and other information relating to the relocation process.

3. Push Notification

Push notification helps add to retention and investment. With push technology utilized for your packers and movers mobile app development process will help notify the users regarding your services and related offers.

4. Database Design

Well, it is equally important for your app to sustain itself in a highly competitive market. So, packers and movers app development team can utilize modern technologies like PostgreSQL or Cassandra to build a strong back-end for your app. You can also go with frameworks like JavaScript and Python.

5. GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System- GPS is the heart of your packers & movers app. For drivers to locate the pickup or drop-off point the maps are quite helpful. 

6. Payment Gateways

You can select to integrate multiple payment gateways like

  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • PayPal’s Mobile SDK
  • Apple Pay and many more

Expert Development Team To Hire For Packers And Movers Mobile App

To build efficient and feature-packed packers & movers app you need to hire an expert team that consists of

  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Testers

How Much It Would Cost To Build The Packers & Movers App?

The packers and movers app development cost can be calculated based on the 3 factors

  1. App complexity
  2. Number of platforms utilized for the app
  3. Location of the development team

Well, the cost varies with the mobile app development company you hire. So, if you are looking for reliable and affordable on-demand app development services to get your white label mobile app development or customized app for your movers and packers business, collaborate with Apps on Demand to get feature-rich packers and movers app.


Whether you are looking to develop on-demand packers and movers apps like Uber Or customized apps that meet your business needs, you need to consider the factors that can affect the cost for development, the basic and advanced features to be included, choosing the right app development team, etc to help your business grow.

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