Tracking Shipment App Development – Shipment Needs & Features

Tracking Shipment App Development – Shipment Needs & Features

If you are fond of shopping online then receiving your parcel is something you are always excited about isn’t it? With so many people shifting to online shopping, timely delivery is something that e-commerce websites focus on to boost user engagement. As a customer, after placing the order you try to track the shipment to know the status of your order.

The tracking is possible with the help of an on-demand delivery tracking app. Well, a lot of courier services give you tracking ID whereas in some cases you need to track it manually. Many courier services collaborate with e-commerce companies too.

In case you are planning to invest in an on-demand tracking shipment app development that comes with push notifications to update the shipment status, then you may find a few of such apps. Some of the on demand services app that offer excellent customer service are :

  • TrackChecker Mobile
  • Parcel
  • Slice Deliveries
  • OneTracker

Tracking Shipment App Development Needs For The Business

When it comes to Courier delivery app development it comprises transportation and shipment tracking along with product delivery through a single app. It helps the users get real-time data about their shipment and courier services can get maximum ROI.

Some of the benefits of delivery and tracking apps that offer convenience for users to track their parcels are:

  • GPS offers real-time tracking
  • Round the clock tracking & delivery amenities
  • Identify the exact location of the shipment
  • Track precise locations of friends, employees, users, and family members
  • It allows users to send helpful alerts
  • Generate real-time analytics & reports
  • Business process optimization
  • Improved security and customer services
  • Save time and resources to resolve issues

What Are The Features To Be Integrated Into Your On-Demand Tracking Shipment App?

Well, the on-demand tracking shipment app should have features that offer location-based and real-time tracking. Some of the other features are:

1. Admin Management

This feature enables the admin to manage all the orders and deliveries. The admin is responsible for updating the server so that users can fetch the details on the status of the shipment or package.

Upon getting an order, the admin can assign it to a particular delivery staff with specific delivery packages or assign multiple orders to the whole team.

2. Logistics Solutions

The order tracking works great with the on-demand courier delivery app. It is a perfect logistic solution used for order tracking for

  • Packaged goods transport
  • Storage & warehousing
  • Sea & Air Freight
  • Forwarding services
  • Multimodal transport

Logistic and Courier solutions are the combination of Google Maps, GPS, and Google place API features. The admin can track the delivery person and other members posting account details etc via a custom web admin dashboard in a mobile app.

3. Delivery Tracking in Real-time

The location-driven mobile apps allow the delivery staff to choose the easiest path, identify landmarks, etc. On-demand tracking shipment app helps the service provider to trace the delivery staff on a map which helps them update the data in real-time.

4. Push Notification

On-demand delivery app for package tracking or courier delivery app offers accurate and clear notifications to the users to know the real-time location of the delivery.

A flawless interaction takes place between customers, admin, and delivery staff through a mobile delivery app. It helps send notifications in real-time. The notification comprises the real-time updates on:

  • Delivery status
  • Location status
  • Payment status

These notifications are sent to mobile users using push notifications.

5. Multiple Payment Options


When it comes to tracking shipment app development from customers’ perspectives, one needs to consider secure payment gateways to help customers make hassle-free payments.

To offer secure and multiple payment options to the customers, developers integrate 3rd party payment gateways like Bank APIs and PayPal. You need to give utmost priority to the security features to ensure that the bank details of the customers are secure on your platform.

6. Tracking

The tracking feature is integrated into the apps to display exact activities like the location of the item, status of the item, real-time navigation, route calculator, etc

7. Support Maps

Talking about on-demand tracking shipment app development, it offers shipping & tracking apps that help boost operations with different essential integrations like Google Maps, open street maps, geo-location, and hybrid maps.

8. Face Recognition Feature

Certainly, it is amongst the essential features of any on-demand delivery tracking app as it facilitates flawless attendance of an employee or a person through facial recognition.

9. Rewards & offers

An engaging way to grab your customers can come through rewards & offers apart from promoting your services. You can offer personalized rewards to engage your customers and boost customer loyalty.

10 Help & Support


Certainly, this feature is one of the most important features for a courier delivery app. The feature helps users connect with you in case he needs any help for different reasons like delay in courier service etc. Make sure they can connect to the help desk for immediate assistance.


Irrespective of the type of business, it needs a perfect tracking shipment app to track the status of ordered items. For any business, it is important to facilitate the timely delivery of the products. Apart from timely delivery, you need to offer real-time updates on the deliverables. It will help you increase customer engagement and loyalty. With the help of the information given in this blog, you can get a clear picture of how the courier app works and the features you need to take care of during courier app development.

Well, it may not be easy to understand the technical aspects of on-demand delivery app development, hence you need to hire an expert mobile app development company to assist you to build an on-demand shipment tracking app. If you are looking for assistance on courier app development, connect with Apps On Demand to build a shipment tracking app with the latest technologies. We have a talented team of developers to help you get industry-specific app solutions to meet your requirements.

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