The Purpose

The Purpose

Aug 23, 2016, 3:11:17 AM Opinion

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? I am sure you have thought about it but then you happened to reject the thought out of your head as you could not progress after a point. But, the moment you start to realise the gravity that question possesses, your entire life´s work would fall apart. There would be no sense and value for job, love, sex, fights, money, anything for that matter. This is a critical topic and if you care to think about it, you could loose more than an hour of your day and the peace from rest of your life. 

The entire life of  a human is based on a purpose, you eat to live, you work to earn, you workout to look good and stay fit, you lie to impress, you sleep to refresh, and the list goes on. But, why all this?, this is a viscous circle and if you question even any one of these, the entire system fails and you end up like Nemo, lost in the abyss. I generally do not venture into such deep topics, but since I started working, I feel that I do not have enough time for my life, all my time goes for my work, and what is the purpose? I see dogs happily playing on the road side. I see children swimming in the pond near the temple, I see myself fade away from the imagery of what I wanted my life to be. 

This is not an article about me whining over my job, infact, I like my day job, but the topic of discussion is the purpose of all these things? I thought many things, like, if the purpose is to serve your country, but then, boundaries are just man made and were made very long ago in a very different circumstance. Then, I wondered if the purpose was to serve mankind, but whats the point if everyone has to die someday. Then I slowly shifted to the thought of making a name and earning the fame in this world, again, what use is the fame and the name when you cannot take them with us after death. 

I personally feel that the source of all these paranoid and unanswerable thoughts is our thinking ability, why are humans able to think? What is the purpose of this entire world, its all pointless. If take birth, eat, grow, still grow, the grow further old, and then die, is the cycle, why should anyone care or think any more than a cow or a dog. 

I am still searching my purpose and if you think you know your purpose, share it below. Let´s know the purpose. 

Published by Aravindha Krishnan


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