Are You Embarrassed By Your Writing Skills? Here's What To Do.

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Step 1. Don't be.

That's the only thing you need to remember. Everyone starts somewhere, almost no one starts where they want to. You have to learn and build at your technique before you will ever be satisfied. Even then you might not be. It's how you think of yourself.  I still have a hard time enjoying what I write, whether it's a blog post or story.

Step 2. Resources

This is what it's all about. Search the internet, it's a vast place, and bookmark the sites you find. Its whatever you need at that time, an online thesaurus or tips and tricks on how to write a villain. It's all out there waiting for you. People make master-lists of links to all different sites you can use. Go for it.

Step 3. Time

It all takes time. Don't rush, relax. Practice actually makes so much perfect. Don't think you need to finish it in one day or week, even a month. Be comfortable with yourself but also challenge yourself. Make realistic deadlines that help rather then stress. You can do it.

Those are my 3 steps. What are yours?

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