Believing Any Of These Myths About Writing Keeps You From Growing

Everything in this universe has a multitude of rumor and myth surrounding it. Writing is no exception.

It's very easy to believe what others tell you, whether it's word of mouth or the internet. Some just stick with you and hinder you in ways you probably don't realize. Here are some myths that have always been debunked.

Only professional writers should worry. 

That is not true, at all. Never has been. It doesn't matter what profession you have entered, there will always be some form of writing you will need to accomplish. Your writing reflects back on the kind person you are.

You are either born a good writer or it's not for you. 

Farthest thing from the truth. While of course some people grasp things easier then others and that sometimes happens at a young age, writing is a skill that needs practice. From everyone involved, no matter your level of talent. Or your age. You have to work hard and learn from your mistakes.

Those who read a lot are better writers. 

False. It helps you understand how others write. Everyone has a unique way of writing, down to the smallest detail. It's not something you can learn by observing. You've got to get your fingertips dirty and mind working.

You should always be prepared. 

No. Don't mix this up with doing research, which happens to be the easiest part of writing. The best writing content comes from the people who sit down and write freely. Let your fingers and spellcheck do the work. Let your mind flow. Relax. Don't think you need diagrams and intensive brain-storming to be good. It all depends on how you learn and focus the best.

Did you believe in any of these myths?

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