Fall In Love With Painting

It's as easy as breathing. 

When you start to paint, it's unskilled and just to see what your hands and mind can do. You'd think it would be hard to see the beauty. It isn't. The colors swirl easily under your brush and seamlessly blend into your canvas. The canary yellow and fuchsia pink shine through the teal. You slowly let your mind guide your hands but without much thought or planning. 

Not just canvas painting, with it's strong pigmented acrylic colors. You use your small cup of water to reanimate the chalky bricks of color and slide them across the thick piece of paper. So many endless possibilities. 

Image result for transparent watercolor

The moment I fell in love with painting was when I realized it wasn't rocket science. It wasn't overwhelming planning or for anyone's eyes but mine. That it didn't matter if it wasn't particularly exciting to others eyes, as long as I was content in what I created. That's when I fell in love. The colors and brushes are only simple tools to bring what you just kept in your mind out into the world.  

It might seem cliche or cheesy, but who cares what others think? Try your hardest not to. Painting or whatever you do to make yourself happy will become a lot more easy to accomplish. 

When did you fall in love with painting? 

Published by Ariel Soles


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