I Am Not The Center Of The Universe

I am in a college preparatory program in my school called IB, or International Baccalaureate. This program, to sum it up, prepares students for college and builds up necessary skills that will lead them to success. I was thinking back through my junior year, which just passed, and remember seniors presenting to the class I was in about what they learned through the college process. Their presentation was really good and gave good advice as to what to expect on our upcoming senior year, however they would often point out the fact that we are IB students. Knowing me and my witty self, I was tempted to ask them to tell me something we don't know. But I held my tongue and kept it to myself. It irritated me so much that they kept pointing it out and putting my class on a higher pedestal. I can't speak for everyone else, but it annoyed me a lot mainly because it made me feel alienated with the way they pointed us out. It wasn't their intention, and if it was well then oh well, but I cannot stand it when people do that.

Thinking about this also brings me back to the times throughout the whole year where people would go to me because I'm "smart". I'm not bragging, but I am saying this because it also annoyed me for many reasons. I would often hear, "I'm not sure. Ask Ari. She's smart." or, "Ari should have the answers." or, "She probably thinks she's better than us because she is smart." There are many other things I hear people say, and by the way, yes I can hear you. Anyways, I just wanted to give some examples because I want to explain why these things can get annoying

No, I do not think I am the center of the universe because of my skill set. Everyone has an area that they are more knowledgeable in than others because everyone is unique in their own ways. Personally, I hate it when people try to act like the center of the universe because of that, and if there comes a time where I do that, I'll put myself in my own place. It isn't right for someone to do that and I hold myself at the same level I would hold someone else if they try to belittle someone to make them more superior. Now, I can be very sarcastic and mess around and pretend I am like that, but don't take it seriously. In all honesty, I don't really take myself seriously when I know something because I know I can forget it in a heart beat. 

Two: Don't ever use me as a homework completer unless your willing to provide me the same services. I'm trying hard not to resort to asking someone for answers or cheat sheets because I want to do it myself and feel accomplished. Now, I get it, sometimes you forget things. I know because I am terrible at remembering things, regardless if I have reminders or not. Now, if someone constantly asks me to help with their homework or something and never returns the favor, kiss my services goodbye. I'm not a free homework pass for someone to slack off, and I am especially not a free pass for someone to slack off in class. If I see anyone trying to use me, I'll give them the page number and set them on their way to do their work. If you can't find it, look harder or give up because I'm not gonna let anyone take advantage of me. You can bribe me with money, I'll gladly take the money and turn in an empty sheet of paper for you and let the person in charge know that you payed me to show the teacher that you decided not to do your work. 

Which brings me to my last reason, I am a human being, not a robot. So what if I happen to know more things than other students in class? So what if I happen to be in a more rigorous academic program than other students in my school? That doesn't make me some kind of god that knows everything. I don't even know everything. I am human, I still make mistakes like other people. I sometimes slack off like other people do, I sometimes don't pay attention or forget things like other people. Yes, having a very high academic standing for myself is something that is important to me, but if you want to define me from everyone else, take the time to get to know me. Don't point me out solely on my grades, I am a human being. I have personality, I have other things to show that I would gladly share with people that define me as an individual. 

Questions, feedback, and discussions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share any similar experiences too. 

Published by Ariella D. Gaitan


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