Everything About Industrial Control Panel And Its Types

Everything About Industrial Control Panel And Its Types

Jul 13, 2021, 4:50:42 PM Tech and Science

Electric control panels are considered one of the most crucial industrial equipment that provides power and control over the operator devices and other mechanical appliances. Every company abides by its own sets of rules and regulations to choose control panels. However, the attachment of combined devices in your panel will determine the selection and its outcome.

What Exactly Is Industrial Control Panel?

An Industrial control panel or the ICP is the standard assembling and arrangement of two or more components like the fused disconnect switches, overload relays,  motor controllers, circuit breakers, switches, pushbutton stations, control relays with wirings, terminal blocks, selector switches, pilot light, etc. 

Types of Industrial Control Panel


In the field of power engineering, there are various types of electric control panels for use. This industrial electric control panel starts or stops the functioning of many pieces of equipment via switchgear or SCADA automation by MCCB, Contractor, Overload relay, etc. Here are a few types of control panels that you must know about, such as:

1. Motor Control Center


Now, manufacturers offer customization to various control panels based on the requirements and demands of the industries. One such type of control panel is the motor control center or MCC. It is a series of panels that are enclosed with a fabricated coating. The MCC panel has a common power station and consists of motor control units. This panel is designed with feeders according to the motor ratings, along with an option to switch them from manual to auto control and vice versa. Whatever may be the industry, it will need motor control, including frequency drives, programmable controllers, and an electrical service gateway.

2. Power Control Center


The power control center or the PCC panel consists of all kinds of electrical switchgear such as the MCCs, air circuit breakers, busbar made of aluminum or copper, and MCB. The main circuit breaker in your PCC panel is the source where the electrical power gathers into the control panel for distribution to all switchgear. This panel even has an isolate for the circuit breaker to shut down the power. Here, we are talking about the power with a voltage from 440V to 800V. Also, the incoming side of the circuit breaker consists of power even after shut down.

3. Automation Control Panel


The automation panel, also known as the SCADA PLC panel, is one of the most efficient, essential, and effective control panels. It is a programmable and customizable digital computer. It is also used for various electronic and electrical circuit fittings. This panel is an integration programming of solid PLC logic and accurate PLC hardware programming. 

4. Intelligent Motor Control Center Panel


Also known as the IMCC panel, it is used to control various electric-controlled motors from a center-based location. This panel consists of multiple feeders, including a common busbar. However, each section of the feeder consists of a combination of starters.


This panel provides advanced features and enhances your workability with the overall production. It uses the communication capable motor management or SIMOCODE to monitor and assess the other lead process of the motor through a process control system.


Moreover, this panel enables a flexible and modular management system for the motors. It does so in a low voltage range to become easy to connect with the automation system. Whether it is safety, connection to systems, or other functional needs, this panel gives exceptional results.


So, use this comprehensive guide for the best use of control panels for your industrial purposes.



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