8 only items you need to pack for your beach weekend

items you need to pack for your beach weekend

8 only items you need to pack for your beach weekend

Jul 23, 2018, 9:20:29 PM Life and Styles

A weekend on a beach is the ideal vacation that everyone loves to go on. Beaches are beautiful and breezy, and they offer many activities for people of all age. We have compiled a list of must-have beach items that you must pack with you on your weekend get-away.

1. Underwater Camera :


A waterproof digital camera will capture and immortalize your underwater memories. This one will give you a range of quality digital camera functions that include recording the underwater sound for your videos.

2. Bathrobe :


A bathrobe is an ultimate item you need to have for a beach weekend. You can relax on the beach on a mat with your comfy bathrobe on. You can go for a swim and hang out afterward in your comfy bathrobe. You can get comfortable bathrobes at Plush Necessities.

3. Cooler Bag :


For a day at the beach, you must have a supply of snacks and cold drinks. You need to keep everything fresh in a collapsible and packable cooler bag. Get a cooler bag that has a thick insulation lining and can also hold up to more than 20 cans. You can throw in some beach-friendly snacks like cheese and salami, and you are good to go!

4. Beach Mats :


Beach mats and blankets are always necessary, but a wrong blanket will get filled with sand, blown around, and will also be hard to dry at the end. Get a good beach mat that is made of parachute material so it will be a quick-drying and lightweight. It will also be able to fold up very compactly for packing purposes. A beach mat with sand weights on the edges will not let the mat blow around in the beach breeze. Some mats even have pockets for your belongings.

5. Beach Umbrella :


With the scorching heat, it is best to bring that you bring some kind of shade from the sun so you can take mini breaks from all the heat and the UV exposure. Take an umbrella that anchors into the sand so it will not blow away, and it is large enough that it provides shade to multiple people at a time.

6. Float Straps For Devices :


A must-have if you are planning to bring your devices near the water is a Float Straps for devices. You do not want your phone sinking in the water which would be a bummer. These float straps are specially made for keeping the small devices like phones and cameras afloat so that you can easily retrieve when you want. They are also comfortable for you to wear on your wrist so you can prevent your devices from falling.

7. Sunscreen :


No matter what happens, you should always take a reef-safe sunscreen while going to the beach. A regular sunscreen contains chemicals that are proven to cause lasting damage to the aquatic ecosystems. You should opt for a reef-safe sunscreen that will help protect the aquatic plants and animals, whether you are on the beaches of a sea, a lake, or an ocean.

8. Fishing Rod :


Fishing is a good idea to the beach You can carry your fishing rod, the best interesting thing you can do on the beach. Are you interested in fishing, then you can follow the site there is a lot of fishing blog.


Make your vacation perfect and comfortable by bringing all these items with you on a beach weekend!

Published by Arina Smith

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