Applications Which Will Help Your Child In Remote Learning

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Applications Which Will Help Your Child In Remote Learning

Jun 20, 2022, 12:18:03 PM Tech and Science

Remote learning applications have been there for a long time. But the Pandemic really made them popular globally. So the pandemic was not harmful to all you know, at least these app development companies. 


My God! they were no less than a boon to conduct education back from home. Are you interested in these kinds of remote learning applications? You could download them from the pirate bay. In this article, we are going to discuss the notable applications that support remote learning for your child.

Remote Learning Apps Ballooned This Pandemic 

The remote learning apps built great fortunes during this pandemic.


The demand for these apps skyrocketed with time. Ventures and equity financing for education technology start-ups have doubled. The monetary value surged to $12.58 billion worldwide the year gone.


The value of this market was around $4.81 billion in the year 2019. During this particular period, the number of tablets and laptops that were shipped to the different schools in the US doubled from 14 million to 26.7 million.


The data was gathered from Futuresource Consulting, one of the market research companies in Britain. 


And who other than the Chinese firms gaining mostly. They literally rocked the market.


They supplied tablets and other hardware in different parts of the world at lower prices. China really emerged as the greatest beneficiary of this development. 

The Best Remote Learning Apps For Kids

We understand that your kids are missing their classrooms badly. However, one thing that one could point out is that even the most disturbing, mischievous, and truant kids also longed to escape their homes to the schools. Such reversal of situation…nothing better than this to describe.


Okay, now, coming to the point, here are some of the best applications that will bind your kids with maths and science lessons daily.

1. Bluester! 

Your little daughter and son want to develop all-around skills in development. Why not buy this application for your kids?


This application, designed mainly for 1st to 6th standards, provides good language lessons l coupled with practice sessions. You must know that language development is crucial to success in school. Try this app; it develops language. 

SkilL, not KillS it. 

2. ABC Mouse 

If the previous one is for english, this one is for maths. This app provides your child with concepts and exhaustive lessons that will keep your child engaging.


This app is developed for the two old to 8-year-old. The activities provided by the app are quite interesting for your child.

3. Zap Zap Maths School

This is another maths game designed mainly for the students of grade 1 to grade 6. This covers the basics of mathematics lessons.


Your child will like it because they are a good one to develop a healthy, age-appropriate dose of decimals and fractions. LCM, HCFs, and other things.


The practice lessons are designed in the form of a game. They are highly effective in understanding the needs of your kids. So get this one for your child this month.

4. Vocabulary Spelling City 

Spelling is one aspect of language learning that works as the base of your child's overall learning.


If this side gets poor with time, believe us, this will trouble them throughout their life. Therefore it doesn't happen with your child.


The application mostly focuses on spelling and vocabulary building.

5. The Homework App 

This app turned out to be highly successful in managing homework assigned to students. It is observed that the app finally went on to produce a great benefit to the students that suffer from an inability to do their homework on time.


There are a set of sub-tasks and milestones designed mainly for the students that facilitate students to stay highly organized. This very app is free to download, though some features are available.


The following app is free to download. You also get subscriptions for one year for $ 99.99.

Hence it can be said that the subscription is definitely worth the money's worth.


To conclude, it can be said that the applications designed mainly for the students are highly effective in serving their purpose.


These are highly competent software that works well with the requirements. The most interesting USP of these apps is their price point so that people of different social and economic background is able to get them within the propensity radar. 

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