7 Essentials for Target Shooting

7 Essentials for Target Shooting

Jan 7, 2021, 11:36:34 AM Tech and Science

There is something exhilarating and intense about shooting a gun. There is a sharp sense of strength when you use a gun properly. It is also a great way to hone your self-defense and hunting skills. However, before you go and buy yourself a gun, you should know how to properly use it. This is where target shooting comes in handy.


By taking up target shooting, you will be able to hone your shooting skills in the most effective and safest way possible. You should also arm yourself with the right tools to reach your full target shooting potential. Here are 7 essentials for target shooting.


1.  Gun Maintenance Kit

If you are going to use a gun, whether it is a sidearm or an automatic rifle it is important that you keep it in tip-top shape. There is nothing more dangerous than a faulty gun. It could blow upon you and have shrapnel ricocheting all over the place. So it is imperative that you have a gun maintenance kit with you at all times.


When you put together a gun maintenance kit, it is important that it has all the necessary tools that allow you to disassemble your firearm. It should also have gun oil and ammo casings as well. Your gun maintenance kit should be housed in a sturdy bag, that is easy to carry and organize.

2.  Earmuffs

Gunshot sounds are extremely loud and if you are not careful they could blow out your eardrum. This is especially true for high caliber guns such as rifles. So it is important that you wear earmuffs during your shooting sessions. The earmuffs could be made out of leather, cloth, or plastic. What matters is that it is capable of covering your ears, and it blocks out the sharp and powerful sounds of gunfire.


Aside from being able to block out the sound of gunfire, it is also imperative that your ear muffs fit you perfectly. Remember that other people will be using the gun range as well, and you will have to wear your ear muffs for a long period of time So your ear muffs should be as comfortable as possible.


3.  Military Shooting Glasses


During a target session, the spent casing of your pistol will pop out once it is spent. They usually pop out at a very fast and powerful rate. They could be very hazardous because they could hit you in the face, especially in the eyes. This is where military shooting glasses come in handy.


These types of glasses are specially made to cover your eyes, just in case the spent cartridge accidentally hits your eyes. These types of glasses are made of very hard fiberglass that allows them to take a great deal of damage. They are also usually tinted to block out any glare from lamplight or sunlight. If it is possible, you should buy shooting glasses that have straps, that way you could do dynamic shooting drills without any chance of it falling off.

4.  Optics

No matter how good a marksman you are, it is always a good idea to purchase optics for your firearms. Guns without optics feel somewhat incomplete, and you won't reach your full target shooting potential. Optics range from the more basic sights to laser guiding systems that provide unerring accuracy. Adding optics to your guns may seem excessive and expensive, however, they are an excellent way to improve your overall marksmanship.


5.  Shooting Gloves

During a long target session, your palms may get sweaty. This could be a very dangerous position for the shooter because guns have powerful recoil, and if you shoot one with slippery hands they may jump out of your hands and go off accidentally.


So you should make sure that you wear shooting gloves during your target practice. Shooting gloves are specially designed to give you a firm grip and prevent your gun from slipping. 


When you choose your shooting gloves, you should make sure that the gloves are made up of very sturdy materials. Remember that your gloves will go through a lot of wear and tear during your target sessions. So you should make sure that you invest in high-quality shooting gloves.


6.  Shooting Target


Although there are shooting targets at the shooting range, there may be times where you won't be able to drop by for a quick shooting session. This is why you should have your own supply of shooting targets. These shooting targets are usually made of cardboard, plastic or paper.


They are marked with targets and scores that show you how accurate you are with your shots. Some shooting targets are even human-shaped, which adds a sense of realism to your target practice.


7.  Holster or Gun Bag

While you’re doing your target shooting, it is important that you have a holster or gun bag. It is very dangerous to walk around the gun range with a gun in your hands. You could get careless and have it go off by accident. So if you are done with your shooting sessions, you should holster your gun as soon as possible.


The same goes for larger guns such as rifles and automatic pistols. The holster should be able to comfortably fit you, and allow you as much free movement as possible. As for your gun bag, it is important that there is enough space for your firearms to fit snuggly, and still be able to hold ammo and the necessary accessories for your rifle.



Target shooting is a great way to learn how to properly handle a gun. However, before you start your target shooting sessions, you should have the right gear. With these essential tools, you’ll be called a sharpshooter in no time.


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