How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Decorative Trench Drain Grate

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Decorative Trench Drain Grate

Mar 22, 2021, 11:45:38 AM Opinion

Trench drain grates are useful implements in both private and public spaces. They serve a safety function by preventing pedestrians and vehicles from falling into trenches. They also prevent trench blockages by keeping out foreign objects. Trench drain grates also serve an aesthetic purpose by adding color and pattern to the landscape. A trench drain grate needs cleaning for hygiene reasons. It also needs polishing or painting to remain presentable.

Trench drain grates are made of different materials, which require different methods of cleaning and maintenance. Decorative trench drain grates need more attention to keep their attractive value. Here are some tips on trench drain grate maintenance for different type trench grate materials:

Maintenance of Decorative Stone Trench Grates

Stone trench grates are very versatile in decorative styles. They can be molded in different shapes, designs, colors and patterns. They can also be installed in both private and public spaces. Stone grates are slip resistant, which makes them ideal for use where there is pedestrian traffic.

Stone can stain easily and retain mud and debris. Stone also wears out, which makes the top coat of color fade. Cleaning indoor and outdoor stone grates is slightly different:

Outdoor Stone Grates

An outdoor trench drain grate collects much dirt, debris and organic mold. You will need to wash with an antibacterial detergent. You can use a pressure washer to reach deeper into the cracks and crannies that sometimes form on the surface.

Sometimes you need to clean out stubborn stains, e.g., paint drops. You can scrub with a stiff brush. You can also use muriatic acid to burn off very stubborn stains. But beware that muriatic acid will leave a faded spot that you have to repaint.

Indoor Stone Grates

You can clean indoor stone grates regularly as you clean your indoor floors. A bucket of water with detergent and a mop are adequate. You can also add hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to the water to kill molds and fungi in dark spaces. 

Repainting Concrete

If you need to retouch the paint on stone trench grates, remember that the stone takes in moisture and dries out when it is sunny. You can use a water-based paint as it will sink better into the stone’s surface. You can then seal the surface with a silicone coat to keep out oil and paint stains.

Cleaning Metallic Trench Grates

Metallic trench grates are largely used for outdoor trench drains. Their greater ability to bear heavy loads makes them suitable for use where there is vehicular traffic. Metal is susceptible to losing paint from scratches and scrapes.

It is relatively easy to clean metallic trench grates. Metal does not hold dirt and debris, which can be easily cleaned off with a stiff brush. You can rub off oil and paint stains with paint thinner. 

Retouching paint on metal is equally easy. Oil paints work best on metallic surfaces. They will repel stains and make them easier to wash off.

Cleaning Plastic and Fiberglass Trench Grates

Plastic and fiberglass trench grates are suitable for indoor use on decks and around swimming pools. They are highly resistant to moisture damage. Plastic and fiberglass are the easiest to clean.

You can scrape stains off plastic and fiberglass surfaces. You can also wash these surfaces with plain water and a stiff brush. But plastic fades color in strong sunlight, so it may need retouching from time to time.

Why Clean and Maintain Trench Drain Grates?

A trench drain grate largely goes unnoticed until there is a problem and the drainage does not work as it should. You should take care of your trench drain grates for several reasons:

Prevent Drainage Clogs

Trench grates keep a variety of objects from getting into the trench drains soil, rocks, littered paper, and even small animals. Taking care of a trench drain grate ensures it keeps the trench drain clear and prevents clogging.

Keeps Off Bad Smells

A clogged drain is a breeding ground for all kinds of growing organisms. It gets worse if there are dead rodents or insects. Bad smells coming from a trench drain can make a private space unlivable, or a commercial space unusable. Cleaning a trench grate and drain keeps the drainage working properly and prevents stagnating liquid.

Maintain Visual Attraction

Trench grates play an important aesthetic value for both private and public spaces. They prevent unsightly pooled water. Fading and cracked trench grates look bad. You need to keep trench grates presentable at all times. A fresh coat of paint looks good while the lawn has blooming flowers. The overall effect is refreshing to the eye.

Prevent Human and Property Damage

Keeping trench grates structurally sound is crucial in pedestrian spaces. It helps avoid pedestrian accidents with people falling into trench drains. A functional drainage denies parasites a space to breed and the danger to human health. Building structures remain structurally sound without rotting or cracking.

Trench drain grates are very crucial installations in private and public spaces. Keeping them clean and in proper shape is very crucial in maintaining proper function and aesthetic value. 

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