How to Raise a Lifelong Learner

Raise Lifelong Learners

Easy Ways to Raise Lifelong Learners and Avid Readers

Little children are very inquisitive and keep asking lots of thought-provoking questions like “How many stars are there in the sky?” These questions show that kids are becoming more interested in the world around them. It’s very important to keep that curiosity and desire to learn more about the big, wide world because it’s the child’s curiosity and their desire to ask lots of questions to find out more that drives their search for new knowledge. How to encourage a love of learning? These strategies from experts of an educational portal located at can serve you as good guiding principles.

Encourage Curiosity at All Ages

Babies explore the world around them by crawling, knocking different things over, putting everything they can find into their mouths. Later, they start asking lots of questions and tearing things apart. Older kids may develop a passion for a particular topic or a theme. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to nurture your children’s curiosity no matter what age. Give them the best chance to explore everything, ask questions, read a lot, and make their discoveries by testing out theories and learning from failures.

Always encourage their questions and be ready to answer all of them.  Don’t be afraid to deal with questions that have no clear answer because they can help kids to make their own opinions and find their own solutions. If you can’t answer their question, show them places where they can find answers themselves: take them to a library, a museum, an art gallery or the zoo.

Promote Creativity and Problem-Solving

Every child is creative because it is a natural human activity. Help them approach art the way they like it and use their imagination. It’s great if they color the sky green. That shows that they are thinking outside the box. Offer your kids open-ended toys such as science kits and blocks to boost their creative skills.

Give your kids chance to answer questions that challenge their minds. Don’t give them step-by-step directions but let them choose the strategies to solve ordinary everyday problems. Allow your kids to make their own choices, for example, to choose clothes to wear.

Help Them Discover Their Passion

The desire to learn starts when you are passionate about something. Help your kids discover their passions that will inspire them to become lifelong learners. Take your kids to new places and give them opportunities to try new experiences. They will discover new things and understand what they are interested in and what they enjoy doing. When they find their passion, your task is to encourage them to learn more about it. Give them books to read more about their passion or take them to places where they can observe more about their interests.

Learning new things will teach your kids a lot of useful skills that can help them in different areas of their lives: time management, organization, perseverance.

Read a Lot

Read to your kids all sorts of books that are suitable for their age. For example, you can make it as a part of your night-time routine. Make books available everywhere in your house and allow your kids read what they like even if the book is above their level.  Make reading a shared family experience. The point is to fill your kids’ little brains with all sorts of interesting and awe-inspiring facts, stories, and figures to help them make connections to the topics they want to learn about. When reading to your kids about something that they might seem not interested in, try to relate it to everyday life and give examples to apply the information to the real world.

Reading is a great way to expand your kids’ vocabulary. Of course, sometimes, kids can learn about something without knowing some special words but be sure to explain to them new vocabulary as you read different genres of books or some news.

If you want to raise lifelong learners, make eagerness for learning your family value. Be a good example to your children and try to look for opportunities for the whole family to learn new things. Look for new experiences and adventures that will teach your kids to keep an open mind to notice the world, its diversity and have a thirst for knowledge.


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