Ntw Designs Digital Design: 9 Web Design Rules to Follow

Ntw Designs Digital Design: 9 Web Design Rules to Follow

Oct 3, 2017, 4:05:11 PM Business

Web design is ruling the internet market. The internet has grown and expanded in creativity. Ntw Designs is a digital web design company that has a great team of experienced web developers, seo experts, content creators, and brand Identity designers. Read below Ntw Designs http://www.ntwdesigns.com/ the 9 rules to follow in web design.

1-Fixed or Full Screen. Some websites prefer a fixed screen, while other go all out for a full screen. An important rule to keep in mind is to always test your screen size on all devices.This can easily be done on a browser test. This method will ensure that no matter which screen size you go for, it will be displayed the same on all devices. Quick note, a responsive web design is one of the top requirements in web design. No matter what your screen size is, ensure that it is also responsive on all devices. A responsive web design will guarantee satisfaction from mobile users.

2-Ideas and Inspirations. When designing, it is important to have creative ideas and some room for inspiration. This is an important rule when it comes to web design.Going outside to get inspired or simply following the top web agencies to see what their most advanced designs are is a great way to gather even more inspiration.

When it comes to ideas and inspiration, you need to understand that different website designs apply to different industries. For example, if you are a fashion brand, your design language, style of content and all other factors will be similar to the industry. However, if you are a B2B brand specialising in heavy manufacturing, you will need a different design. The best Web Design Agency in Dubai suggests that businesses should talk to their agencies and look up references so as to ensure that their website design fits within the industry’s niche. 

3-Layout Out Digitally.  After you have scrambled all your thoughts, its time to get a visual view of what the website design will look like before you actually start to design. Photoshop is a great tool to accurately and digitally create a visual of what the website will look like. This will simplify time when designing.

4-Code Compression. Website coding may get very heavy at times and this heaviness will lead to a slow load most of the time. By compressing your code, it will put a boost on web performance. Both Javascript and CSS code should be compressed. There are many online compressors that instantly compress an entire coding free.

6-Code Practice. Web designers must always follow rules and practice clean coding methods. A quick tip would be to never duplicate css coding. Instead of writing 2 separate lines of code for the same executing statement, place a comma and just execute only 1 command.

7-Design Animations. Digital animations are great enhancements on a web design. Digital animations will always bring a great experience on page Digital animations will instantly boost on page interaction and lead to a higher chance of clicks.

8-Color Picks.A color scheme needs to have 3 different color shades. Tan and vibrant colors are very powerful in web design. Always select web colors very carefully and efficiently.

9-Website Auditing. After you finish your web design, the last and most important rule to follow is website auditing. A website audit will provide you a feed of the elements that you may be having an A plus score in or a lower screen. Website auditing sites are free online and they give great insight to correcting certain website mistakes.

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