OptiLingo: How to Save a Dying Language


OptiLingo: How to Save a Dying Language

Jul 26, 2018, 9:22:38 PM Life and Styles

OptiLingo Promises Fast Fluency :


OptiLingo is a language learning platform that guides users to fluency in hours, not years. It’s designed from the experience of a man who spends 10 years teaching himself one of the hardest languages on the planet. Filled with the skills developed from that experience, its highly effective methodology pushes past the competition. But what makes OptiLingo stand out as a language learning platform is its mission to help save a dying language.

Jonty Yamisha’s Mission to Save a Dying Language :


Between smartphone apps, academic classrooms, and online programs, there are plenty of ways to learn a language, but none of them were built as a way to save a dying language. This is the motivation behind OptiLingo’s founder and owner, Jonty Yamisha. It’s why the program works. Put simply, if OptiLingo fails, a language and the culture it expresses could be lost forever.

Jonty Yamisha is the child of Circassian parents who fled the Golan Heights of Syria during the Russo-Circassian War. The war displaced his family along with countless others. With a culture scattered across the world, the number of people who speak Circassian continues to dwindle.

Jonty didn’t grow up speaking his ethnic language. This made it difficult for him to talk with his grandparents and learn their stories, their culture, their unique little attributes that everyone carries with them from their home. At the age of 30, Jonty embarked on a mission, to learn Circassian. There was a problem with this, however. Beyond being one of the most difficult languages on the planet, the reality is that very few people speak it. If Jonty was going to embrace his heritage and save his language, he would have to teach himself Circassian.

After 10 years spent mastering this language, he discovered he had found the secret to language learning. He builds this secret into the foundation of the fast and effective language learning program, OptiLingo.

While many programs offer fast and effective ways to learn a language, this is the only one designed by someone trying to protect his ethnic language from disappearing. By guiding others from his culture to learn their ethnic language and many others whose cultural heritage is at risk of disappearing forever, Jonty hopes to save dying languages around the world. The desire to save a vast collection of cultures from disappearing shows in every step of this unique language learning platform.

What Is Guided Immersion?


Most people give up on language learning because they’ve had bad experiences with the practice along the way. This comes from many misconceptions in how language learning works. Many incorrectly believe that children learn better or that classroom lecture is an effective tool for language learning. The truth is that if you want to be fluent, you need to be immersed in a language. You need to hear it and speak it. OptiLingo accomplishes this through the use of Guided Immersion.

Rather than waste weeks on vocabulary or spend hours studying flashcards, Guided Immersion focuses on high-frequency words spoken by native speakers. By learning these Essential Universal Phrases, users develop a thorough understanding of five phrases and roughly 50 words. They can then adapt these skills to speak 1000s of unique phrases in the target language.

Guided Immersion is similar to the process native speakers use to teach toddlers. Often, people believe children learn language faster than adults. This is not the full story. Kids are immersed in the language, learning through interacting with other native speakers. When a child requests something or asks a question, he engages with others who guide him to fluent responses.

Traditional programs fail to do this. Instead, they focus on memorization combined with a near obsession on grammar and syntax. The result is being able to occasionally decode a word in a different language, but not fluency.

With OptiLingo, Guided Immersion exposes you to high-frequency words and provides context and translations so that you can fully understand what you’re learning. But as you learn your target language, there is another component of Guided Immersion that assists you, and that’s Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS).

How Spaced Repetition Systems Support Success :


SRS is a process designed to help people remember what they study. This works by recalling previous lessons later on after there’s been some distance between them. It’s goal is to help you continue to use what you’ve previously learned, pushing that information into long-term memory. A lot of programs attempt this, but it’s often random or poorly integrated. With OptiLingo, it’s built right into the base of the language learning platform. 

You’ll start off with a short 20 – 30-minute lesson in your target language. As you move through each lesson, you’ll begin by revisiting the previous ones through a quick self-test. This pulls up the recently learned information and helps it stay in your long-term memory. By the end of the week, you’re reflecting over all the lessons you’ve learned so far. This repeats as you move through the course. You’ll no longer learn and forget. With OptiLingo, you remember.

What Is OptiLingo?


OptiLingo is a language platform that is the result of the most effective, science-backed language learning techniques. It works by incorporating Guided Immersion and SRS to focus on high-frequency words. The result is countless success stories of users rapidly growing fluent in a language they can use.

No more abstract charts and diagrams. No more endless flashcards and droning drilling. No more muffled attempts at communicating with those whose language you’ve studied. You focus on listening to dialogues with native speakers, learning high-frequency words and phrases. SRS ensures that what you learn doesn’t leave your memory. The results speak for themselves.

OptiLingo is the answer for those looking for a language learning program that works.

OptiLingo Is No Risk :


A partner of the Endangered Language Alliance and a language activist, Jonty regularly speaks at symposiums on language preservation. There may be other businesses bragging about the efficiency of their products, but Jonty knows OptiLingo surpasses theirs because it must. If OptiLingo fails, then his mission to save the language of his people fails.

So confident in OptiLingo’s effectiveness as a language learning platform, Jonty offers a 100 percent, no strings attached, money back guarantees. There’s nothing to lose. Start taking steps to learn a new language today and see how OptiLingo guide you towards fluency, not in years, but in hours. 

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