Signs to check that your roof needs replacement

roof needs replacement

Signs to check that your roof needs replacement

Aug 3, 2018, 6:37:10 PM Life and Styles

Most of the people are not much concerned about their roof and are not eager to maintain their roof on a regular basis. It is hard to maintain the roof as most of them are very busy and do not get the time to go to the roof also. There are so many things to do and so many things to think about everyday which makes it easy for the people easily forget the topic of maintaining the roof.

But totally neglecting the maintenance of the roof can be problematic and can cause several damages which if neglected can cause the owner a good amount of money for repairing it. At least checking the roof once a month and mainly in the rainy season is very essential to fix the leaks and holes as soon as possible. Below are given several signs that will assure you that your roof will need replacement:

Old Roof :

An average asphalt shingle roof lasts about a span of 20-25 years whereas the roof made up of metal or tiles has a longer life and serves in a better way. When the roof reaches its terminal time or the lasting period, it is a sign that it should be replaced soon. If the existing roof was installed above another roof, then it should be replaced sooner as overlaying one roof above the other can hide holes and other damages below it and damage the roof thoroughly.

Visible shingles :

The roof has to face various climatic opponents such as the sun, rain, snow which causes the roof to wear down over time and bring out its elements slowly and damage it. Roof is the barrier of your home from the destructive climatic warriors. Thus if you find that the shingles are missing or broken on your roof then it is a high time to replace it or else it may damage your house also. 

Mould and moss :

While checking the roof if you find mould and moss on your roof, then it is a sign which indicates that your roof needs to be repaired as the tiles or shingles can force themselves apart and create a gap which will let the water in. thus searching for any moss or mould is necessary and after that repairing it is necessary or else the bacteria or fungi will ruin your roof completely.

Light coming through the roof :

During daytime or during sunset, if you look at the ceiling of the rooms at the upper floors in your house and see small rays of light then it signals that there are cracks and holes in your roof which indicates that it needs a proper repairing process.

Check gutters :

This can sound weird, but checking the gutter will be a beneficial move to see whether your roof needs a replacement or not. If you find pieces of tiles, shingles, granite in your gutter, then it clearly indicates that your roof is being damaged and the pieces are wearing out. Due to atmospheric changes and various climatic conditions, it is evident that the roof will slowly wear out and ultimately will lead to a position where it will be a must to replace it. Thus it will be a beneficial idea if it is repaired as early as possible to make it less costly as well as save the house from damps and cracks.

Attic leak :

If you see drops of water on your ceiling or continuous drops of water falling on the floor, don’t thing about anything else and just repair your roof.  Dark streaks or other leaks in the attic can cause penetration of water. If there are stains on the ceiling or walls and you can hear a sound of dripping water within the walls, then it is an obvious sign that water is getting into your attic and your roof is damaged badly.

Sagging :

If you find that your roof is sagging or drooping, then it is also an obvious indication that your roof needs a good repairing process and you must look for the sagging points thoroughly.

Thus, we can conclude that maintenance of a roof is a very difficult but an essential job as if neglected it may damage itself and the interior of the house badly. Changing the roof after an average interval is necessary to make the building last longer. The holes and scratches on the roof can cause water leakage as well as damps on the walls which will be a costly procedure. Thus repairing as soon as possible after the problem is found is an efficient idea as it will cause less damage to your roof and will keep you tension free. Ask for roof repair quotes from the contractors and choose the contractor according to your preference and budget who assures you to fix the roof properly and efficiently.

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