Strategies for Christian Dating to Find Someone Shares Your Principles

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Strategies for Christian Dating to Find Someone Shares Your Principles

Sep 20, 2018, 7:12:38 PM Life and Styles

If there is a common concern among Christian singles, it has to be finding the right marriage partner. A majority of Christian singles feel that their religion and moral standards make it hard for them to date. They assume that it’s because they are too uptight in their expectations.

Well, this is not true as we will find out later when we look at the strategies for Christian Dating. Often, it’s because they look for life partners in the wrong places. Thus, they end up dating individuals who are not focused on marriage but on carnal needs such as sex, alcohol, and drugs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t become easier if you decide to date a fellow Christian. While this is a good thing, it doesn’t guarantee outright compatibility since all single Christians have their own standards and expectations.

So, how do you find a marriage partner that shares your Christianity principles? Here are the strategies that we recommend:

1. Only Date a Christian:

While this does not guarantee you dating success and possible marriage, it’s a great way to start the dating journey. You’ll have an opportunity to disqualify those who don’t put God above everything. You need someone who you can pray and read the bible with. You also need someone who you can go on a church mission with. A Christian is, therefore, a great fit.

2. Be Godly:

It goes without saying – you have to live a Godly life to meet someone with similar traits. This means having the habit of going to church regularly and reading the Bible daily. Doing these will give you wisdom on how to date right.

3. Keep it Clean Inside:

While it’s important to be careful about how you behave in front of people, it’s more important to have a clean heart. You should exercise love, care, and cheerfulness. According to Proverbs 4:23, you need to guard your heart as it’s a source of life.

4. Set Clear Standards Beforehand:

To get a partner who has the standards you are looking for, you have to make yours known. You have to be firm in your intentions and expectations. The right mate will come when he or she knows the values that you stand for.

5. Have a Christian Interest:

You need something interesting to attract a Christian mate. Think of doing charity works or volunteering for missions. These show that you are a dedicated Christian who is following what Christ recommends. The right mate will come your way sooner or later.

6. Consult a Respected Christian Elder:

This may be your pastor, Bible teacher, or just an elder in your church. Spending time with the spiritual leader can help with insights on healthy Christian Dating. Moreover, Proverbs 13:20 advises you to walk with the wise to be wise.

7. Join a Support Network:

Lastly, you need Christians around you to help you with your dating journey. They can assist you to maintain your Christian principles and stay accountable for your actions at all times.


It takes God, great values, and supportive Christians to find the right marriage mate. This is evident in the above strategies. Put them into practice and see where they lead you. Hopefully, it will be to the right marriage partner! 

Published by Arina Smith

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