Teen Accident: What Happens After A Teenager Car Crash

Teenager Car Crash

Teen Accident: What Happens After A Teenager Car Crash

May 31, 2022, 7:47:52 AM Opinion

Even if your teen is a responsible driver, your parental instincts can’t seem to trust the whole process. 

  • Do you have a teen who is involved in a car crash?
  • Do you want to know what happens after that?

You can read more about it right here. 

There are many lawyers who have helped countless families in releasing their teens from car crash incidents. This is why you should never delay contacting your attorney because the sooner your teen is done with this mess, the faster he can move on with his life.

Moreover, there is also a time limitation on when you can file a lawsuit. You may also need guidance and support to help you make the right decision for your child.

How Serious Is The Teen Car Accident Problem?

According to 2019 statistics, almost 2400 teens in the United States between the age of 13 and 19 were killed in car accidents. In addition, more than 258,000 teens were submitted to the hospitals’ emergency departments and did not make it out. 

It proves that every day 1 in 7 teens die in accidents and more than 100 teens are injured. Motor vehicle crash deaths among the people 15-19 are also a medical burden on the nation.

According to research reports, the medical and work loss costs more than $4.8 billion, which is not a good statistic that reflects in America’s economic reports. 

Therefore, we can assume that the teenage car crash is a pretty serious problem in America.

Teenage Car Crash: Risk Factors

The risk factor of a teenage car crash revolves mainly around people of 16 to 19. In 2019, the motor vehicle death rate for male drivers of this same age group was higher than the same number of female drivers.

Not only that but also when there are too many young passengers in a car, it increases the chances of a car crash. With each teen passenger, the risk of the car crashing increases.

According to 2016-17 reports, chances of crashing a car are high among newly licensed teens. The report suggests that car crashing chances are 1.5 times higher than newly-licensed teens of 16 years compared to 18 or 19-year-olds.

A DWI Lawyer in Springfield MO states that teens crash their cars so much mostly because they can’t recognize the risky situations.  They tend to take their cars out at night, which increases their chances of crashing the cars.

A 2019 research suggests that almost 40% of teenage car crashes that happened in the year were because the drivers took their cars after 9 p.m. 

Not using a seatbelt is another common factor in a teenage car crash. Teens are so daring and so pumped with adrenaline that they think using a seatbelt is unnecessary. As a result, more than half of the drivers who died in the 2016-19 car crash did not use any seatbelts.

Last but not least, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is another major factor in a teenage car crash. These substances lead to speeding and distracted driving, eventually leading to an accident.

What Happens After A Car Crash?

When your teenager crashes a car, he must take a few deep breaths and see if someone is seriously injured. Calling a DWI Lawyer Springfield MO is also a good decision in this instance. 

An experienced car accident attorney can help you immensely in this situation, which means you should contact him as soon as possible to defend your child in the best way possible.

However, calling a lawyer is a latter concern. Once you get out of the car and make sure everyone is safe,  there are more important tasks at hand. 

If you find someone is seriously injured, your foremost duty is to take the person to the hospital. If not, you must call 911 and let the experts do their job. Even if the person who is injured is not in your car, you should call 911 because that’s your duty as a primary citizen.

Final Note

A DWI lawyer is your best help if your teen crashes his car and injures someone. Without the professional expertise and experience of a DWI lawyer, you cannot take your teen out of this mess.

However, if you want to know more about this, contact us in the comment section below. We can get back to you with an answer in no time.

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