The Top 5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight You Need to Know

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight You Need to Know

Oct 13, 2017, 8:48:58 PM Life and Styles

Are you working our regularly and progressively while watching your calorie intake, but still can’t see any weight changes? It is possible that the scales could be stubbornly high even when you are trying hard to lose weight. Maybe, the problem is not entirely the diet or the frequency of your physical exercise.

There could be other physiological conditions that are making your weight loss goals a fruitless process. The following are the most common underlying health reasons why you can’t lose weight.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

1. You Have Higher Insulin Resistance

Intake of food triggers the body to release insulin. The type of food you feed on affects the amount of insulin produced. Carbohydrates are known to trigger higher insulin levels. Naturally, if your insulin hormone levels stay high for long, you are likely to develop insulin resistance. The blood will tend to pump more insulin when you ingest more carbohydrates. With an increase in the consumption of carbohydrates, you achieve reduced sensitivity to insulin.

Higher insulin resistance encourages the body to store fat. Therefore, you might need to take up insulin resistance exercises if you are to lose fat through improved insulin sensitivity. Intake of foods with high amounts of magnesium and chromium are recommended for better insulin sensitivity.

2. You Are Stressed

Research indicates a direct proportionality between stress and obesity. What could be the underlying explanation for this trend? Well, as experts argue, when the body is under high-stress levels, there is increased production of the cortisol hormone. Such release has the impact of raising the levels of blood sugar in readiness to flee or fight an attack. Although this process is vital for human survival, progressive overproduction of the cortisol hormone has undesirable side effects, including the storage of fat, especially around the waistline.

Some people also respond to stress through overeating. This tendency also raises the chances of poor weight loss. When you are stressed, food might appeal to you as the perfect comfort. This is especially true because increased stress triggers the release of the ghrelin hormone. This hormone, in turn, makes you crave for fattening food.

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3. You Have Digestive System Complications

Your gut houses trillions of bacteria which facilitate processes of hormone regulation, vitamin production, food digestion, and toxin excretion. Therefore, your gut is just another interdependent powerhouse which must achieve appropriate balance if it is to function efficiently.

The presence of numerous pathogenic bacteria in your digestive system, let’s say yeast or parasites, or lack of healthy bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, you are likely to develop long-term poor health, inflammation, and the irritable bowel syndrome. Research holds that the health condition of the digestive system greatly affects the number of calories absorbed from food.

The digestive system health also influences insulin sensitivity, ghrelin hormone production, and the metabolic rate, all of which affect weight gain.

While different factors affect the health of your digestive system, observe your diet, lifestyle, and exposure to antibiotics. Expert recommendation holds that you can improve your digestive system complications by cutting back your intake of alcohol, refined sugars, and carbs while increasing your consumption of prebiotic foods and fiber.

4. You Suffer from Chronic Infections

Acute infections show tendencies to form even stronger connections. In this regard, fungal, bacterial, and viral infections form a cytokine storm when they join together. In essence, cytokines refer to immune cell molecule releases. These cytokines can be anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory.

Pro-inflammatory cytokines are helpful to your immunity in the event of an acute infection. However, when you suffer from a chronic medical condition, it becomes a challenge to turn of these cytokines. Such molecules as the Interleukin-1 Beta and Interleukin-6 are known to trigger cortisol overproduction which translates to increased insulin resistance and subsequent fat storage. Feeding on a nutraceutical-rich diet helps to resolve this problem in the long term.

5. You Lack Adequate and Restful Sleep

Do not get it wrong, a single night’s sleep won’t make any significant change your weight loss goals. However, regular lack of enough sleep is associated with weight gain. Here, lack of enough sleep refers to bedtime lasting less than seven hours. Research links extreme lack of sleep to the development of obesity. Further research shows that in addition to lack of enough sleep, low-quality sleep and obstructive sleep apnoea may also make one more vulnerable to obesity.

A body that gets little sleep is bound to release low leptin amounts and high ghrelin amounts. This trend triggers a craving for fatty and calorie-rich foods. The frontal lobe of your brain is pushed into inactivity when you are tired. Thus, your impulse control and decision-making locus grow dull at the expense of the stimulation of the reward centers of the brain.

This inadvertently makes you settle for pleasant and tasty foods which contain high amounts of fat and sugar. A tired and dull brain will not only crave for fattening foods, but it will also have poor control over dietary choices which may lead to overeating and difficulty in weight loss.

Did you know that green tea can help you to get better sleep? Now you do. Green tea has special nutrients, especially theanine, which help to soothe your nerves and relax your mind and body. Drink a cup of green tea just before bedtime to fall asleep quickly and for deep, undisturbed rest. Green tea enhances your sleep quality; thus, it minimized the instances of repeatedly waking up during sleep.

I acknowledge the presence of numerous physiological conditions behind your inability to lose weight, but the five reasons shared above are the most common. You must have noticed that successful weight loss is not only achieved by how much you move and eat. Your dietary components like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins have a more significant effect compared to your calorie intake. Therefore, any macronutrient proportion changes may trigger hormonal imbalance which makes it difficult to lose weight.

Resistance training will increase your metabolic rate which will improve your weight loss. Respond to your digestive system and stress conditions through designing a viable diet which can enhance your weight loss outcomes. The appropriate response to the above five reasons why you can’t lose weight might result in better weight loss results. All the best in your journey to successful weight loss.

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