Things to look for while buying a Stroller

buying a Stroller

Things to look for while buying a Stroller

Sep 19, 2018, 4:12:02 PM Life and Styles

Having a stroller is quite a big investment in terms of time and money rather it can be a pain instead of becoming a joy. It takes time to search for the best one, or look for different options available and even having to test ride the one you like, if possible. It is quite difficult to fulfill your last wish, but it has been tried to create a simple and everything inclusive guide for buying a stroller especially for the new parents. So below-mentioned is the list of tips which can be useful in keeping your baby safe, happy, and comfortable at the same time.

One needs to ask the following questions while buying a stroller is:

  • Who is going to utilize a stroller?
  • What is the place where ina stroller is going to use most of the times?
  • Your budget?
  • The duration stroller is going to be used?
  • Weight handling capacity?
  • TheWeather where the stroller is going to be used the most?
  • Do you need a stroller which is foldable with just one hand?
  • Do extra features needed to you, like storage basket, a place for drinks, adjustable handlebar, or peek-a-boo window?

It is essential that you must think of these listed questions before buying a stroller, in order to get the best one that suits your requirements and also suits your parenting lifestyle.

Stroller Types:

6 basic types of strollers are:

1. Standard or full-sized strollers:

Normally these strollers come in bigger sizes and are having higher durability, but on the other hand, they can be bulky or difficult for handling as well. These types of strollers have features such as storage space under the stroller, adjustable padded seat and a shade for the protection from sun rays. Some among those let the kids face at the forward side, some let the kids seat towards the stroller pusher, and some offer both the facilities. Most of them are manufactured in such a way that they almost fulfill every requirement a parent wants to have and grow with the baby in his developing age.

2. Car Seat Carriers:

This type of stroller contains a frame that is used for holding a baby’s car seat and a car seat that has been chosen by you. Normally, they are convenient, easy to use and affordable. But usually they can be used only with a car seat, so it is possible that it will outgrow faster than you think.

3. Lightweight or umbrella strollers:

These strollers are specially designed for traveling purposes, so they are lightweight and highly portable. They are simple to push, carry and easy to fold as well, and weight is just 15 pound or less. The Drawback of this kind of strollers are they have less amount of padding, they do not have whistles and bells those can be required, some strollers have car seat adapters but they are made for 6 months and older babies only.

4. Double Strollers:

You have gotten just this option if you have twins and you want them to be in one stroller only. They are having two types; one is a tandem stroller which has two seats in front of each other and another with side by side strollers. Tandem stroller has a disadvantage that it has lesser leg space and another stroller is difficult to get through doors and push.

5. Jogging strollers:

These types of strollers are made up of stronger tiers with a lightweight frame, and they are very useful for the active parents to roam around anywhere. They have features like reclining seats, car seat compatibility, and having the best storage space. But at the same time, they are difficult to move through smaller places and are bulky and look huge after folding as well. Being honest, if you are an active parent or a jogger does not think about it. Click here to see what jogging stroller is right for you.

6. Travel systems:

These kinds of strollers are available in a jogging stroller, standard and even can be carried an infant car seat. You can have a combination of stroller and car seat or can have one with an adapter. They are usually heavy and bigger in size, but some are available with lightweight and if you take a combo of a stroller and a car seat then you will save money for sure.

Things to look for while buying a stroller:

It is common and human nature that we want a thing that looks nice and beautiful. But we should think about our baby’s safety at the most, which is rather the most important thing instead of looking for its style and trendiness.

1. Easy usage:

Is lifting a stroller in and out of the car is easy? Is it fitting in a trunk? Does your building have to walk up flights of stairs? Are you going to travel a lot? Is it easier to fold or unfold it? Is it simpler to handle it with one hand? Is it easier to take it through stores aisles and doors? Is it washable to have a clean structure again?

By giving answers to these above questions, it will become easier for you to find a best suitable match for you.

2. Safety:

It is not important what style you pick; safety is the main factor to think upon. Whatever stroller you buy, it should fulfill basic safety precautions. One with a 5-point safety harness strap which lets you easily unbuckle and quite secure, but not for the child having reliable brakes. Check thoroughly for any sharp edges, or any tiny places where small finger and toes can stick.

3. Newborn Ready:

You do not wish to wait for your baby to turn 6 months old and sit on their own for outings. You must choose a stroller which is having features like a reclining seat, padded structure, and which can be easily attached to car seat or bassinet. Also, it should be easily and safely lock when it has been attaché to a carrier.

If you are in search of having a stroller with a newborn then it should be comfortable, safe and should contain all those required features then you must opt a 180 Reversible Stroller. It has features like; lightweight, trendy, get fold with one hand, easy to handle, has bigger storage space, pocket at the back side, a bigger sun canopy, adjustable and reclining seat and contains higher compatibility with Graco and Chicco car seats. As the name suggests, it has a reversible handlebar which can be used to make your baby face at you or away from you with a single click.

4. Canopy:

It is an important feature especially when you wish to have a walk in sun or if you are in heavy rain or wind. Canopies are extremely useful in keeping your babies protected from UV and other weather stuff.

5. Storage:

If you are going to carry some other stuff with your baby like a purse, shopping sacks or diaper bag, then having a bigger storage space under the stroller is a great idea. Also, you can keep your phones, drinks, keys, and snacks in cup holders or in small storage spaces are useful as well.

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