10 Things You Need To Know About DUI Laws

DUI Laws

10 Things You Need To Know About DUI Laws

Apr 28, 2022, 8:25:02 AM Opinion

The abbreviated form of Driving under the influence is DUI. It is another name for drunken driving laws.

For Drivers 21 years or older in the United States, driving with the consumption of an alcoholic substance that is with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.80%, is a punishable offense.

The range or limits of blood alcohol concentration is somewhere between 0.00 to 0.02. 

Florida takes extremely harsh actions against the individuals driving with Alcoholic concentration in the body within the aforementioned range.

The striking fact is that you do not actually need to be drunk in order to get under the influence. So, for a clear understanding of the DUI laws, you need to consider a dui lawyer in marietta ga.

In this article, we will be discussing the 10 important things about Driving under the Influence that is considered important for an individual. 

The 10 Things That You Need To Know About Dui Laws

There are certain fineries within the DUI laws that we think you need to be well aware of. 

These key fineries will make you knowledgeable regarding the DUI laws. And your knowledge provides awareness to an individual.

1. Florida Dui Convictions Could Be Total Dui Or “Per Se” DUI

This defines when a person's normal faculties are impaired due to consumption of some alcoholic substances, they will be held guilty.

For the Perse DUI, you need not be impaired for sure. Anyhow, if your BAC is 0.08% or more, you come automatically under the charges. 

2. In Order To Be Guilty You Need Not Be The One Driving The Vehicle 

Actual physical control means you could act to control your car whether or not you were exercising the capacity at the time you are accused of DUI.

This denotes, that even if you are mainly sitting behind the wheels with the key and not moving, you could be found guilty. 

3. It Is Not Lawful To Drive With A Blood Alcohol Level Of 0.08% Or Higher

In the USA in general and Florida in particular you just can not drive a car with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08% or higher. There are strict laws there.

4. Refusing To Take Urine, Blood, Or Breath Test

Whenever you get the permit or license to drive a vehicle in the USA, by default you have given your consent by submitting an approved chemical as well as physical test.

If you are lawfully arrested and asked to submit a report of blood, breath, and urine, your Marietta DUI Lawyer could help you escape only once but not all the time. 

5. If You Are Arrested For DUI

When you are arrested on the charges of consuming alcoholic substances and driving a vehicle, the arresting office acts to seize the driver's license.

The officer will hold your license and issue you with a Traffic Ticket.

6. Defending A Dui Charge 

The DUI charges could be defended in two ways. The first is challenging the legality or constitutionality of the arrest. The second is contesting the DUI Charges themselves.

7. Is Jail Mandatory?

For the first conviction, you could avoid arrest. But for the second conviction, a minimum imprisonment term of 10days is required. And for the third conviction, a minimum of 30 days is required by law. 

8. Drunken Driving Rate Has Dropped Down Considerably In The Last Three Decades 

During an evaluation conducted in 1988th number of deaths while driving under influence was around 27253.

The figures successfully dipped down presently to a mammoth 10511 as recorded in the year 2018.

This is attributed to large-scale protests of people to increase the legal drinking age as well as lowering the BAC limit.

Though sufficient work has been achieved, the situation remains quite a challenge for the US traffic control authorities.

9. Fears And Concerns Over The Death Rate 

Drunk driving in the USA has indeed gone on to become quite a problem for the authorities. 

But the US authorities have worked extremely hard to bring down the death rate, using strict legislative framing alongside tough monitoring. Certain facts and stats go on to establish the matter of fact.

About 28 people in the United States die due to drunk driving cases- this is 1 in every 52 minutes! 

The numbers weren't as great but look far better compared to the figures 3 decades ago. 

10. Can We Challenge The Test Results? 

Yes, we can challenge the test results by requesting independent sample testing. This is the only option open. 

However, your Marietta DUI Lawyer has to be skilled enough to challenge the test results and come with evidence that the test was doctored. 


The USA over the decades has worked extremely hard toward reducing the rate of accidents on the road.

This success could be attributed to the stringent DUI laws that were framed. Therefore the efficacy of these laws can not be questioned. So Drive safe.

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