Top 5 Legal Defense Strategies For Sex Crime Lawsuits: By Attorneys

Top 5 Legal Defense Strategies For Sex Crime Lawsuits: By Attorneys

Aug 21, 2021, 7:07:08 AM Opinion

One of the worst kinds of charges you can ever face is the sex crime charge. It doesn’t matter whether you are guilty or not; society starts seeing you as a criminal and maintains a safe distance from you.

Unlike any other criminal offense, if you are convicted for a sex offense, you will not only serve your sentence but will continue to repay the debt to society in the form of a sex offender registry. The only way you can save yourself from facing such hardships is by taking immediate action by hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Whether you are innocent or have made the worst mistake of your life, you need someone by your side to support you. If you want to learn more about the sex crime charges, learn more on Los Angeles sex crimes.

Legal Defense Strategies For Winning Sex Crime Cases

Prosecution of an alleged sex crime can leave a devasting effect on one’s life. This leads the person to jail and lets them experience some of the most horrific public stigmas. Hence, you must see legal professionals deal with your case. 

Here are a few legal defensive strategies that you can use to defend yourself in court.

1. Use The Polygraph To Your Advantage

A polygraph test, or most people know with the simple name “Lie detector test”, is rarely admissible for any trial. There are many instances recorded where the polygraphs were misled. You must understand that a polygraph test is just a way of eliciting incrimination statements rather than true statements.

You must take advantage of this loophole and go with a private polygraph examiner to produce results that might help you with the case.

2. Exercise Your Right To Stay Silent

Prosecution of the alleged sex crimes often relies on the witness's statements. This also includes the defendant's own statements. DNA evidence might be a common norm in TV shows, but it is not practical in most cases. You might feel that talking to the police will help you clear your name from the case; unfortunately, it will not.

In fact, your statement given to the police might be used in the court with a different meaning. Hence, you must refrain from saying a word and exercise your right to silence until your lawyer comes.

3. Consider The Source Of Accusation

In some of the sex crime offenses, the accuser's motive is important to strengthen the cashew. So, if the accuser has a history of making false accusations in the past, you can use this to your advantage.

Furthermore, the relation between the accuser and defendant matters a lot. This brings up the question of how the accuser might benefit from a criminal charge against the defendant. Considering these factors, you can come up with evidence that might help you with your case.

4. Challenge The Forensic Evidence

You have full rights to challenge any forensic samples. A police officer might collect the DNA from the victim and use it to arrest you. As you have no idea about their evidence and credibility, you can challenge the forensic reports.

5. Suppress Any Evidence That Violates The Law

The evidence that the police officer collects needs to go through a warrantless search. This is to ensure that the evidence is not the creation of the accuser. In addition to that, you must also keep an eye for the damaged evidence so that it can be compromised in court.

A defendant has the right to confront the accuser about the credibility of the evidence and can ask for relevant evidence to prove the credibility.


If you have been accused of sex crimes, you must act quickly to protect your reputation, job, family, and future. The effects of sex crime conviction are devastating. Even if you are not found guilty, society starts seeing you in a different light.

According to criminal law, every criminal has a right to hire a criminal defense lawyer as a last chance to defend themselves. Therefore, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer almost immediately and exercise your right to silence till your lawyer makes an appearance. 

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