7 Ways To Get Kids To Take Medicine

Kids To Take Medicine

7 Ways To Get Kids To Take Medicine

Mar 31, 2022, 12:11:44 PM Life and Styles

We still remember the nasty taste of chalky, thick medication that our pediatrician used to prescribe me when we were a kid. Needless to say, we hated every bit of it. Hence, if you think it’s weird that your child is doing the same, trust me - we can feel them.

However, unlike our parents, we won’t let you go through the same pain at all. Due to this reason, in this article, we will talk about a few tricks that can help your kid chuck down the medicine instantly. Let’s get started!

Making Your Kid Take The Medicine - A Guide To Follow

As promised before, in this section, we’ll talk about how you can make your child take medicine without going through any drama. So, let’s get started.

Tip - 1: Opt For A Swallowing Gel

Many toddlers tend to avoid taking a pill because they think that it will get stuck in their throats. Hence, if your child is thinking about the same, you can treat them with a swallowing gel product. It will ensure that the pill is not getting stuck in their throat. Also, due to its mouthwatering taste, your child will definitely love it.

Tip - 2: Give Choices

Most kids, whenever they get sick, tend to lose their sense of control. Thus, you can try something different by providing them with some choices. Offering a few simple options like the following can be beneficial for you -

●     When do they want to take medication?

●     How will they consume it?

●     Where will they take the pill?

Taking account of their choices in these aspects can help you restore their confidence and eat the medicine instantly.

Tip - 3: Explain Everything

Another common trend in children is getting anxious about their health when they get sick. Thus, you can try making them understand their condition and tell them how your medicine can help it out. Also, make sure to throw in a compliment while you are at it.

For instance, tell them that if they want to get well soon and go out with their friends, only taking this medicine will help them!

Tip - 4: Reward Them

Taking an intensely-bitter medicine is, indeed, an important task. So, why don’t you reward them after they have taken it?

The prize should not be too expensive. For instance, you can let them use their favorite toy for some time or cook them their favorite meal altogether.

Tip - 5: Give Them The Medicine With Something Else

Ask the doctor if you can provide them with the medicine with food or something else. If they give the green signal, you can go ahead and try adding the drug with their favorite food. In some cases, adding some sort of flavoring could also be helpful in your case.

However, make sure to keep one thing in mind. Some medications work differently when you combine them with a specific food item.

Hence, we will repeat this - make sure to ask your doctor about the compatibility of the food and medication, and then work out what you can do in this aspect.

Tip - 6: Choose Chewable Or Liquid Options

Sometimes, you can find chewable or liquid alternatives to a pill or capsule that your child will have to consume. These are easier to consume and, thus, will be a much better option than the previous one.

Just make sure to ask the doctor if there’s any viable option available for the medication or not. Hopefully, you will find a solution.

Tip - 7: Make It A Little Creative

Finally, you can also try making things a little bit fun and creative by letting your kid take medicine on their favorite teacup or a superhero-designed spoon. You may also role-play as the “monster” disease that’s affecting them and show how the drug kills it efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Making your child take a sip of the strongest medication can, indeed, be difficult, we know. Hence, we will ask you to try our methods at least once. We are pretty sure that you will see at least one positive result within a day or two.

Anyways, now, we will be ending our article. If you still have any queries or questions, make sure to ask us all about them in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you out!

Published by Arina Smith

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