What You Should Do and Shouldn’t Do for Growing Naturally Long Hair

Growing Naturally Long Hair

What You Should Do and Shouldn’t Do for Growing Naturally Long Hair

Sep 26, 2018, 7:37:38 PM Life and Styles

Long beautiful hair is the best jewelry a woman could have, but it takes a lot of efforts and maintenance to finally get blessed with it. There’s no charismatic power that works overnight and viola you have those ever-wanted natural long strands the other morning you wake up. You, being on a journey to getting long beautiful natural hair, need to know about the obstacles that withstand you and the preventive measures to bypass them. So, today we summed up a round of 5 do and 5 don’ts for growing long beautiful hair naturally that will fetch you in the best results, obviously if done right.

Let’s start with the things that you need to avoid:

  • Don’t: Blow dry with extreme heat intensity. You may at times, put your hair dryer very close to your scalp, which is a big mistake and an often overlooked aspect. All this causes severe damage that is hard to fix.
  • Don’t: Tighten up your hair knot or ponytail. This breaks your hair strands due to the excessive exerted force. The edges get rough and cause split ends which eventually stop your hair from growing longer.
  • Don’t: Use elastic hair bands or rubber bands to tie a ponytail or bun. Also, make sure that you don’t use sharp pins or other accessories. Upon removing them, you shall see a great number of broken strands on them. We recommend using a metal-free hair tie instead. Moreover, consider sleeping on a satin pillow. This will prevent your hair from being damaged.
  • Don't: Apply silicon hair masks and other silicon-made ingredients. They may work great at keeping your hair straight and frizz-free but in the long run, they put up an added layer that resists moisture from getting to your roots.
  • Don't: Use hair care products containing petroleum or mineral oils. These chemicals dry up your hair and make them look edgy. The natural keratin within your hair roots is diminished which causes low or even zero absorption to your hair.
  • Do: Comb your hair with fiber brushes. We recommend that you use a wide-tooth comb to free up the tangles.
  • Do: Apply shea butter and aloe vera gel masks. These will hydrate your hair strands and roots and make them more manageable. Also, the lost moisture from your hair would be recovered.
  • Do: Put up lemon juice over your hair strands. Pick up a fresh good lemon and cut it into the half. Pour its juice into 500 ML distilled water bottle. Use it to rinse your hair. You shall see shinier and longer hair strands every day.
  • Do: Include a protein-rich diet and a habit to drink up to 12-14 glass of fresh water. The minerals would go up your hair roots further strengthening them!
  • Do: A timely trim. It’s a common myth that why should one get the hair trimmed when longer hair is needed. The fact is, the longer your hair grows, the more messed up it gets and grows in an uneven flow. Consider trimming down your hair around half an inch every twenty days to eliminate the split ends.

If you eliminate the above don’ts and follow the dos, you will definitely be able to fetch the best optimum results. You may, however, use straight clip-in hair extensions for thin hair if you want a quick fix before knocking down a party!

Published by Arina Smith

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