Who pays for home health care for seniors?

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Who pays for home health care for seniors?

Apr 2, 2022, 11:04:58 AM Life and Styles

Older people face more health problems as they age. Their chronic diseases become aggravated, many vital organs fail, there is a decline in vitality, and the musculoskeletal system becomes visible.

However, the biggest problem is a cerebrovascular accident. Such pathologies lead to dementia, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's diseases, and, in some situations, can provoke strokes, limb paralysis, and death.

All such patients require at home care for seniors, which is provided by many agencies in Pennsylvania and other US states. As a rule, relatives of elderly people who can no longer continue to take care of their parents and grandparents turn to professionals for help.

What services are included in standard care for the elderly?

The standard range of services at most senior care centers includes the following types of assistance:

·         Periodic diagnostics of the patient's body.

·         Conducting intensive care, massage, and other procedures that are allowed at home.

·         Medical treatment of the patient, injections, following the diagnosis, the general condition of the body, and the prescription of the attending physician.

·         Feeding the patient, including through a catheter, with a temporary inability to eat independently.

·         Transferring the patient at the recovery stage, moving him outside or around the room in a wheelchair.

·         Providing household care for the patient, assistance in taking a shower, sanitary and hygienic procedures, fulfilling his basic needs.

·         Dressing the patient, taking into account his temporary inability to move.

Our company has a staff of qualified doctors and nurses who will help the old man recover quickly after surgery or injury.

What services are included in palliative care for the elderly?

Many care organizations for the elderly and people with serious irreversible diseases offer the following range of palliative services:

·         Ensuring comfort and tranquility during the last months of life. As a rule, palliative care is provided to those seniors who, according to doctors, have no more than 6 months left to live.

·         Providing the most comfortable living conditions for the patient, according to the state of his health and the recommendations of the attending physician.

·         Providing the patient with the necessary nutrition, following the required diet.

·         Providing the patient with the necessary medicines, including hard drugs as strong painkillers in the terminal stages of oncology.

·         Turning the patient from side to side. to avoid the formation of bedsores.

·         One of the most important aspects of working in a hospice at home is the psychological assistance to the patient. A nurse or other medical staff must have the skills to calm a person so that he does not think about the inevitable end.

Our orderlies and nurses working in the hospice at home have the necessary recommendations and experience in this field, which will significantly extend the life of a person.

How much does our center cost for helping seniors at home?

Services for the care of the sick and seniors at home are very expensive in America. A lot of customers make medical insurance, but it doesn’t the most of the costs. The final cost of the service and all procedures that it includes depends on the following parameters:

·         The complexity of the procedures for the patient. Many patients require the installation of droppers, or the treatment of wounds with disinfectants, saline.

·         The general condition of the senior. Seriously ill patients or seniors in old age require more attention than people who are in rehabilitation with a positive prognosis for recovery.

·         The presence of complex diagnoses.

·         The presence of chronic diseases always requires medication or intensive care to keep the body in a normal state.

·         Recent surgeries, since unsealed sutures can be painful, and, in the case of diabetes, such wounds tend to bleed, which causes a risk of infection.

·         The need for planned operations is because, with a deterioration in well-being, the presence of pathologies, or the presence of a cancerous tumor, such problems can be solved only by drastic measures.

·         The need for post-surgery rehabilitation services, since patients who have a positive prognosis also require intensive care, vitamin and drug treatment for a quick recovery.

·         The ability of the patient to move independently.

·         Difficulty in conducting physiotherapy.

·         The mental state of the patient, because most people at an advanced age are diagnosed with dementia of various degrees, requires the participation of psychologists to normalize the human condition.

·         The age of the senior being cared for.

·         The duration of the remaining life, according to the doctor's conclusion.

Our company issues invoices to clients only after the diagnosis of the patient's organism, the appointment of inpatient or drug treatment. We don’t seek to make as much money as possible from each patient, which allows us to attract many clients among the relatives of the elderly throughout the state.

Who pays for home care services for seniors?

Most often, the costs of paying for home care services are paid by the patients themselves or their relatives. This is because insurance companies do not issue policies to provide palliative care to their patients. As a rule, even the most advanced insurance service involves paying only part of the franchise services, for example, in the first 2-3 weeks of caring for a senior.

At the same time, most of our clients enter into contracts with insurers who are ready to pay for all or part of the services for caring for the elderly who are undergoing rehabilitation after a surgical operation or another type of emergency treatment.

Such patients include people after a fracture of the femoral neck or hip joint, old people who have recently undergone a minor operation, and doctors who give positive forecasts for their recovery, as well as set approximate deadlines for completing all necessary procedures.

Why is it so difficult to choose the right senior home care agency?

Choosing quality home health care services for seniors is a not so simple process. To choose the right company correctly, it is recommended to take into account the following nuances when contacting a specialized agency:

·         The company must have a valid government-issued license.

·         The staff of the organization should employ qualified doctors, doctors of both profiles, surgeons, nurses, and orderlies.

·         All doctors and nurses in the company must have diplomas of higher specialized education, as well as recommendations from previous clients.

·         Each company providing rehabilitation or palliative care services for seniors must have specialized equipment and medicines on its balance sheet.

·         The company must have a 24-hour customer support service so that the patient can seek help immediately in the event of an acute situation.

·         It is also recommended to choose a company that has its fleet of resuscitation vehicles for the prompt delivery of the patient to the hospital.

·         You should study the documents of the company, find out the year of its foundation, the presence of litigation as a defendant, and also check the list of partner insurance companies with which the contract was concluded.

Our company meets all the requirements set by agencies, has the necessary licenses, as well as a staff of highly qualified specialists. This provides the customer with confidence in the life and health of his relative, regardless of the severity of his condition.

What are the benefits of our All American Home Care Center?

Our All American Home Care company enjoys great prestige and popularity among customers due to the presence of a large number of undeniable advantages:

·         We have been working in the palliative services market for several years now, and all our specialists have many recommendations.

·         The state employs only qualified doctors and nurses.

·         We provide home hospice services. 

·         Our operators are ready to accept and process applications without interruption, 24/7.

·         Each nurse who takes care of the patient at home periodically examines his condition and forwards the information to the attending physician.

·         If necessary, the patient is urgently referred for a planned or emergency treatment, or for surgical intervention.

·         We can guarantee the client the best service at the lowest prices.

·         We work with many insurance companies and we only bill you for procedures that have been ordered by your doctor. Our clients never overcharge for a set of unnecessary services.

When contacting our company, each client can be sure of receiving the highest quality services for a reasonable price. We always work as a team and are ready to help our patients 24/7, regardless of the situation.

When contacting our company, we are ready to provide references from our clients, indicating the contact details of the patients' relatives. A new client will always be able to verify the accuracy of the information, which significantly increases the credibility of our company in the market for the provision of similar services.

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