Why Do Companies Need To Hire A Business Immigration Lawyer?

Business Immigration Lawyer

Why Do Companies Need To Hire A Business Immigration Lawyer?

Sep 24, 2021, 10:35:14 AM Opinion

Some companies want to hire foreign employees due to necessity, while others seek to improve and expand their business. However, no matter what the reasons are, there are multiple benefits of utilizing the international workforce.


However, the process of hiring foreign talent for your business is not without any challenges. With the increase in the immigration workforce, countries have revamped their immigration policies. In fact, the policies keep changing every year, depending on demand.


This is where you will find the need to have a Business Immigration Lawyer. A business immigration lawyer can help you understand the policies and outline a clear path to hire foreign talent for your business.


We have taken help from the Ackah Law to create a list that shows why businesses need to hire a business immigration lawyer.

What Is A Business Immigration Lawyer?

A business immigration lawyer is a legal professional that deals with the immigration aspect of the business. The immigration aspect can be anything. Whether you want to hire talented foreign employees or shift your business to a different nation, a business immigration lawyer can help you.


The sole responsibility of a business immigration lawyer is to work seamlessly across the cross borders to ensure that the clients, employees, and business remain unaffected as they navigate through the immigration system.

Why Do Businesses Need To Hire A Business Immigration Lawyer?

When we talk about immigration, there are just too many things happening to understand everything clearly. You might find that completing all the paperwork by yourself is still easy, only to realize later on how hard it is to complete paperwork for single immigration.


Here are a few things out of many in which your Business Immigration Lawyer can help you.

1. Immigration Law In Downturn

●     Termination

●     Layoffs.

●     Hiring Freezes.

●     Reduction In Hours.

●     Forced Leaves Of Absence.


All are the unfortunate ramifications of today’s economic malediction. Although businesses are well aware of the consequences of their action, they tend to forget under the business immigration law.


Businesses should be aware of the consequences because it adversely affects both the businesses and the foreign employees. This problem can be easily solved if the business has an immigration lawyer by its side. They can guide both the employers and employees to take the right step.

2. Requirements to Use E-Verify

E-verify is the new program from the government where employers can get access to the employees' past work status. Although this program is still in the volunteer stage, the government believes that making it mandatory will help businesses hire excellent foreign talent.


Many employers are still in the process of understanding the whole concept of E-verify and taking consultation from immigration lawyers.

3. Enforcement Is A Priority

Ever since 1986, employers have had an obligation to run background checks on the employees they are hiring. This is to ensure that they are not hiring an individual who might be a threat to others.


The verification is done through the I-9 process. This information might not be new to you. But what’s new is how the government is enforcing these obligations.


The ever-changing enforcement makes it difficult for employers and employees to follow a correct path. This is where you can take advantage of Immigration lawyers' knowledge.

4. Quotas Don’t Reflect The Reality

The current quota of the immigrant workers and visa categories held no resemblance to the business realities in 2010 when statutes were established. This has made it hard for the companies to hire talented individuals to their company.


A business immigration lawyer can help you process the immigration flaws and get only the best candidate for your business.


There you have it; now you know why a business immigration lawyer is important for your business. If your business wants to expand itself and wants to hire talented individuals worldwide, you must invest in having the best immigration lawyer for your business.


If there is anything that you are still unclear about, feel free to drop your question in the comment section. We will ensure that every query gets an answer.

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