Why Use the Scratch Map of Europe?

Why Use the Scratch Map of Europe?

Oct 16, 2017, 5:15:33 PM Life and Styles

The main idea behind the scratch map of Europe is that whenever you go to a place, you have the ability to remove the foil to reveal fine details of the place you are visiting. It is a fabulous method of teaching yourself some bits of geography and a lot of fun when you are keeping track of your travels. You will not have to place your lame on the map if you find yourself booking three flights in one weekend for you to remove the foil of countries for as many times as possible. Even those individuals without competition will be bitten by a bug when they are analyzing this map while traveling.

If you want to avoid disappointments while traveling, you need to avoid purchasing a fake copy of the scratch map for your travel. You need to look for the right designer and printer that has been doing these maps for several years. You need to buy from a reputable organization that has been selling for many years and has sold millions of these maps to customers that are happy with the service and are using them to date.

It is important to buy from a company that has invented the concept of giving you the best and original map. Such a company will give you a map that is pure and looking gorgeous with a high quality foil that you can remove with ease after each trip. The printing company needs to use the best processes and producers on earth so that you end up purchasing products with the finest quality and maximum integrity. The company needs to have a production team that is passionate and full of love when producing each sheet that imitators will spend a lifetime trying to copy it. It is your duty as a buyer to avoid imitators and support original design and genuine creativity.

Amazing design

The design of the scratch map of Europe makes it convenient and fun when marking the countries you have visited. You need a coin to scratch the visited countries and to realize the colorful history of your personal travel.

Great packaging

Each map is packaged in a stylish design tube that protects the map from damage and helps solve problems of packing the present. There is hidden info on the tube about how much you need to travel per year for you to open the world for the package to be helpful and informative.

What is inside the packaging?

The packaging has a special scrapper, bag tag on the luggage, white marker for the drawings, and instructions. It also has pins that you can use to attach your map on the wall and a special shred that will remove the residual scratching.

The map description

The scratch map of Europe is a brilliant concept map that allows the visited destinations to become scratched off to reveal the beautifully styled and up to date world map. It is the perfect gift or map for travel enthusiasts that allow for complete personalization of the map to reveal a travel story that is unique.

You simply need to take a coin and start scratching the destinations you have visited to create a personalized and a changing world map. The countries are not only featured on the map, there also exist cities found on the top layer of the map and underneath so that it gives allowance for detailed scratching. This map is perfect when you are planning for your next holiday after your previous one ended disappointingly fast.

This map is also the best, brilliant, and unique gift for any traveler in the world. the printing of the scratch map of Europe is done on a high quality material that has gloss coating for works like an exact scratch card and luxury, and once the scratch has been removed, the mapping underneath is revealed.


In case you are not familiar with this concept of scratch maps, you will have to realize that it gives you the allowance of logging your travels by scratching the top foil off of the visited destination, revealing the underneath colorful map, and giving you a map that is beautiful, one hundred percent personalized, and interactive. Are you having the itching of going to travel? Simply scratch it!

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