What Is BIMI And How It Benefits You?

What Is BIMI And How It Benefits You?

Visibility is a constant priority for email marketers, especially for marketers who specialize in B2B email marketing. Businesses send around 300,000,000 emails each day, so it’s important to distinguish yourself from your competition and put yourself in front of your recipients before other companies do. Ensuring your B2B email marketing campaign recipient list is as clean as possible and reaching the intended audience is crucial to achieving higher click through rates and conversion rates. BIMI, the Return Path Certification Program, ensures that you are sending to valid and deliverable email addresses and helps you remove undeliverable addresses from your list. With more than 2 million businesses using our software, we place a high priority on helping our customers maintain accurate lists.

A new initiative will improve the visibility and integrity of public sector information, as well as the way it reaches those that need it. DNS is introducing BIMI - let's walk through what that means for you. Thousands of businesses go out of business across the world. However, the ones who understand the importance of Cyber Security are flourishing. The best way to stay on top is to be BIMI aware. BIMI stands for Business Impact Mitigation Index and it's used by DNS to evaluate cyber-attacks. What kind of tools does it use? BIMI uses various tools.

What’s a BIMI?

It’s a new standard that allows you to support your visibility and prevent fraud by senders who don’t comply with the SPAM-CAN act. Often considered a 2.0 version of DMARC, BIMI works together with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF so the email service providers of your recipients would identify you correctly and let your messages be displayed in the inbox. BIMI is a standard that allows you to identify yourself in your messages. It works by making sure the recipients email provider know who you are and trust your messages. BIMI is one of the standards that are being widely adopted by both email marketers and recipients. It’s a TXT DNS record which stores the details of your company logo. BIMI helps companies achieve enhanced deliverability, ensuring that your emails are easily recognizable for both readers and email server administrators.

How is it important for you to use BIMI?

BIMI is a new standard for business and company profiles on the Internet. AOL, Verizon, and Yahoo support it among other platforms. Gmail too will join them in the near future. Microsoft said it won’t use BIMI at all, optimizing its current business profile instead. Businesses have more ways than ever before to reach their audiences. BIMI makes it easier for you to have an up-to-the-minute info about your business that matches what others are seeing on their AOL home page, Yahoo email or Verizon mobile device. This can be especially powerful for small businesses that may not have the budgets of larger companies.


At the moment, the biggest benefits that BIMI brings to senders are to allow them to focus their email templates on customer’s need and expectations, rather than just focusing on the features of their products/services. With BIMI, Microsoft may also offer better tools for sending personalized offers based on recipients’ behavior.

How you get started with BIMI

Creating a BIMI record is a simple process. The most important thing to do is to make sure you include all of the required elements. There’s a lot more involved including sending a text file containing your logo and any additional information you want to display in users’ inboxes. Once we complete BIMI’s tests and release to our domains, we plan to scope which domains the BIMI will be available for. If you own a domain that you would like included in this scope, please contact your service provider and ask them to contact us if they would like to integrate with BIMI. This way we can ensure that the BIMI works well with their infrastructure and network and avoids any issues.


· Create a logo. You should be sure that the logo you want to see displayed next to your messages is not overwhelmed with details reflects the essence of your brand and that generally incorporating the BIMI feature into your B2B communication aids both your deliverability and your marketing exposure. Note, that you shouldn’t use the logo developed for your general marketing campaigns. You should create a formatted logo with the right shape and weight.


· Setup DMARC or ensure that it operates smoothly. Essentially, BIMI is the extension of DMARC. If it doesn’t operate properly, you won’t be able to integrate BIMI. Note that 'none' value is not enough for BIMI display, so when you set up your DMARC, use a ‘quarantine’ or ‘reject ’policy to ensure BIMI support.


· Create the BIMI record. To create a BIMI record, you need other authentication records (DMARC, DKIM, SPF) and access to the domain name service you use.


To get started using BIMI, you will need to create a unique selector and then generate a record that includes this selector and specifies the tag values for the BIMI domain. This is similar to how you would do DNS key management with DKIM. The selector is unique to each domain and not overlaid by other domains. Once the DNS record is ready, you should configure your email application to sign outgoing emails with DKIM. To start, download our DKIM record template. Once the record is in place all emails you send will automatically be signed with BIMI.

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