What is Gmail Phishing Prevention Update?

What is Gmail Phishing Prevention Update?

Sep 11, 2021, 10:49:52 AM Tech and Science

The Gmail Phishing Prevention update strengthens the security of your Gmail account by preventing criminals from impersonating users and using forged communications to install malicious software on your devices. Also, by using new machine- learning technology, Gmail will be able to identify known phishing sites faster and block them before they even hit your inbox. Alerts are sent directly to your mobile device if you have bumped into a dangerous page and let you know what action to take next. Increasing the security of your inbox has become a top priority for Gmail users. Recent data shows that almost 40 percent of enterprises have suffered a data breach in the past year, and Gmail users have been at the heart of many of these attacks.

As a result, Gmail users should be protected against possible scams and attacks designed to steal their personal information. In this blog post, we will discuss how Gmail's new phishing protection feature can help you keep your data secured in the latest version of Gmail. According to notifications from Google, the Gmail phishing protection update will be rolled out to users in stages. During the first phase, users will be asked to set up two-factor authentication for all contacts and messages, and to change their passwords. After these two steps, if the user still sees any suspicious activity coming from their accounts, they will be able to report it to Google via the security link in the Notifications center and be protected from further attacks. With the introduction of Brand Indicator Message IDs, phishing attacks have become less effective on Gmail. The good news is that you can take some simple steps to make sure your data is safe.

You can use a competing service if you prefer ease of use over protection against attacks. You can develop strong behavioral measures with alerts that Google can deliver in your chat box or notification center should an attempt be made to impersonate you (this is not recommended for general users). Gmail users have been enjoying an additional protection against phishing attacks. The latest Gmail security update improves recipient authentication even further, making it possible for a user to be confident that their email transmission has not been interrupted by an attempted impersonation. With BIMI installed, recipients will now see a warning whenever their email address is being attempted to be spoofed.

 They will also be able to report suspicious activities directly to Gmail and other services they rely on for receiving mail. The good news is that BIMI protects against phishing scams as well! Your recipient will receive an email with a link which they should follow to be notified when you are available. This helps prevent the recipient from receiving emails that appear to come from you, but are really from an imposter. A scammer may attempt to steal information from your recipient by making them visit a fake website and tricking them into revealing sensitive data. So how does it all work? Last year, Google announced the integration with Brand Indication for Message Identifiers (BIMI). BIMI is an industry standard formulated so that maximum users would adopt stronger, better sender authentication protocols.

BIMI achieves better sender authentication by allowing email recipients (and their 3rd party email security services) to have more confidence in trusting the source of the email. The BIMI protocol is designed such that it prevents impersonation attacks.

Now, with this new Gmail phishing prevention update, Google brings BIMI support to its email users as well.

The changes that this Gmail Update will bring

Gmail is getting ready to launch new features for the enterprise. One of these upcoming features is the ability for Gmail accounts to send resources to other accounts without having to enter every single domain in the address space. DMARC is a security feature that can help protect against phishing attacks and other attacks that try to hijack emails from spoofing domains. With the integration of BIMI support, sending domains that are authenticated with DMARC will derive the most benefits of this Gmail phishing prevention update. Such organizations will now have the ability to validate the ownership of their corporate logos and branding in their email content.

After validation, organizations will be able to securely transmit this information to Google. While working on a report, a researcher for an organization got in touch to say that they were worried about their corporate logo being spammed in their marketing emails. The researcher said that they had implemented filtering software in their network, but this wasn't working. They then asked the researcher how they could improve the security of their emails. The researcher told them about Google's new DMARC feature, which will help prevent spammers from using their email domains in a way that tricks people into revealing sensitive information.

Activity within the organization immediately. In addition, verifications for phishing attempts have been added to improve the overall user experience when experiencing problems with sending email from Gmail. With the forthcoming Gmail update, you will be able to detect spammers and phishing emails much easier. This is a huge deal if done right. Spam and phishing attacks are on the rise, and Gmail users have lost faith in their email provider. This means that they are less likely to give their email address to organizations that they don't trust. The other part of this update is BIMI support which will help protect your domain name from spoofing attempts.

This is something that many email providers are not implementing currently so things like SPF check boxes on emails could become a thing of the past. Current Gmail users can be forgiven for thinking that DMARC is just another spamming protection measure. But in fact, DMARC improves email security by detecting when a user has previously asked for help in protecting their account and then sending them an email notifying them of the change.

With this new change, it is possible for businesses with employees who have legitimate concerns about their private data to receive a prompt and informative email about how best to safeguard their data in Gmail. The BIMI support update will go a long way in protecting your brand’s reputation by minimizing domain spoofing attempts. But, to reiterate, the prerequisite for this to work is that you have to have implemented DMARC.

So, if you believed that DMARC is optional (which it isn’t), let this change your mind. By simply implementing DMARC, you will be able to get the full benefit of the Gmail phishing prevention update.

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