Me and you

In the end it was me and you,
hand in hand, but nothing true.
Rivers flowing In streams, so blue
But heart drenched in darkness, who knew!

I look at you.
Hopeful that I'll see that smile of yours.
A smile; that will help whither away sorrows.
A smile, only you can give, with out thinking twice.

But something glistens in your eyes,
like a war won...
over hearts,
Or better, a person taken in to captivation
A war won, a person enslaved.

it was only you, in the beginning,
when I used to desire you,
then it became me and you,
and now only I remain... only I.

No desires, no hope remains,
you have bewitched me, and I am forever your slave,
The hopes and dreams all destroyed in a matter of seconds.
Forever and always in this cave...

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Published by Arooba Hameed


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